International Question

  1. I have a USA and a France eBay account. I recently found a bag (that I lost in the USA this weekend and want very badly.. this one in also has been authenticated) avail in Germany. The seller states "open to international bidders". But everytime I try to email her it takes me through this whole shibang of 'you're not a german member blah blah blah"

    #1- how do I contact her?
    #2- am I able to bid?

  2. Does the auction state that they ship to Germany only on the auction details in the main section at the top? If you try using the contact seller button (in other words click their ID) instead of the ASQ button it should work. Their auction probably won't allow you to bid if it doesn't have where they'll ship at the top
  3. well, I have never had a problem contacting international sellers, even when they didn't state they will ship overseas. usually I just go for ask seller a question - don't know why it doesn't work for you. maybe the price of the item?

    the thing is that German eBay has restricted specific items only to be shipped to Germany, Austria and maybe Switzerland, so if it is a 'wanted' brand that may be the problem.

    I would try contact member - but I am not sure whether eBay, rather than the ebayer, will let you bid...

    they may have to change their shipping option like mooks said.
  4. Thanks ladies!
    I'm retarded!!! lol i didnt have my ebay password right. . .lol
  5. If the seller states item will ship to the world, anywhere, he/e must ship to you when you will be the winner. He/she can't change the ebay regulation.