International payments

  1. What is the least expensive way (besides paypal) for an international buyer to send me payment? Her bank transfer fee is quite high. Is there any other option? TIA!
  2. Can they use Bidpay?
  3. Bidpay and international money order. But if this is going to be the buyer's first bidpay transaction and it's for a significant amount, it may not go through (Bidpay policy, etc). And there's always Paypal, but you may have to ship to an uncofirmed address
  4. How much (on average) does an international money order cost?
  5. What country is your buyer in?
  6. She's in the UK.
  7. Western Union offers an online service from the UK, the cost to send £500 is £37. They are offering a pretty paltry rate of $1.93 to the £ though.
    They also seem to offer tracking.
    I don't think it's possible to get an international money order in the UK.
  8. money gram , takes ten minutes to get to you and is cheap for them .
  9. ^^Do you mean a Western Union money gram?
  10. How about google checkout?! I think they take credit cards
  11. ^^^forefinal (I believe) Posted some rules for acceptable payments on eBay under another topics and google is one you CAN NOT use.
  12. well-concealed cash in the mail (trackable/signed for).

    ^^^ you can't use Google? So what happens if you do?
  13. google checkout is only banned on eBay because they don't want the competition for paypal :rolleyes: if a buyer wanted to use it i'd absolutely accept it, i just wouldn't state it in my auction.

    how large an amount is it? if it's thousands then a wire might be the cheapest way to go (except google checkout since it's still free).
  14. Cash is never a good idea. There's no tracking on what goes in the envelope or what comes out of it.