international payment

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  1. ok, so i have a super newbie buyer on a very spency item. i always take paypal. she just told me (of course after 50 emails about buying the thing and asking for a lower price :push:smile: that she JUST signed up for pp so it will take a few days. i do not believe she is in a country that can be confirmed. anyway, i told her she can send money via western union. she said since it's the weekend she can't get to the bank til monday. and just asked if she can just wire the money directly. my gut is saying no. not from a 1 fb bidder. so what is a safe way for me to accept payment. anyone have any ideas? it's late and my mind is on weekend mode. thanks!
  2. a wire is always my first choice, there's no way they can do a chargeback with a wire once you have the money. i know a lot people get paranoid about giving out their bank details, but then don't think anything of sending a cheque :confused1: which has all of those details on it anyway. if she paid with paypal you have no protection whatsoever if she's not in a country that can be confirmed, so you're in a much better position if she wires the money. as for identity theft, it's pretty unlikely with just your bank details. otherwise there would be a loooooot of unhappy people in europe, in many lot of countries it's the normal method of payment on eBay etc :lol:
  3. do i get charged for a wire transfer? i think i do right?
  4. ^^ you can get the buyer to state that sender (ie. buyer herself) to pay all bank fees on the remittance form. Otherwise, you (ie. the recipient) will bear all or you and the buyer could split the fees.

    However notwithstanding the above, there'll still be a small charge that your bank will charge you, you can call your bank and ask how much this is.
  5. i don't get charged, but i think in the US you get charged for just about everything to do with banks so there is a chance you might. it's still going to be less than paypal fees, and as peppy said the buyer can opt to pay all fees when arranging the transfer.
  6. ok, i called my bank. they said i need to give the buyer a swift number, routing number and my bank account number. i'm thinking i should give them my lowest account number ie the account with the least money in it just in case. that being said, they told me it was safe to do. still, i'm worried. the buyer asked if she could just transfer the money directly and to email her at her personal address (so not through eBay). does that sound fishy? argh why am i so nervous??? oh and it's free to do. no charge at my bank. which is actually great!
  7. I have done numerous wire transfers in and out of several of my bank accounts, and they have almost all been for very spency items. Not one problem has ever occurred.
    I say it's a hell of a lot safer than PayPal because really, it's cash. That being said, though, check with your bank to make sure you are aware of their clearing policies for international wires. When I use the bank who I think you bank with, the intl wires cleared basically immediately, but with my other bank they take 3-4 business days to clear if they're sent from outside the US. They do show up as pending in my account right away, they just don't show as fully cleared for a few days.
  8. i asked. they take 2 days. :smile: and cyn you give them your bank acocunt no.?
  9. I've done it too H, with no problems. I did get erroneous info from the bank about the fees, though -- no fee for US but fees for international, so make sure about that.
    Like everyone says, it's cash. Good luck and congrats on the sale.
  10. How about using BIDPAY? That's generally what I do with int'l buyers without PayPal-confirmed addresses. BIDPAY (unlike PayPal) actually conducts a manual security check on each transaction (which takes 24-72 hours, but better careful that sorry IMO), and it provides seller protection for int'l transactions (again, unlike PayPal) -- as long as you send it with full tracking & signature confirmation (so USPS Express Mail Int'l or something similar). I've used BidPay many times and never had any problems. Only caveat is that with BidPay there's a $1500(?) cap on each transaction. Also, once in a while a transaction does not pass BidPay's security check -- often b/c it's a relatively new buyer w/ a low feedback score (even if 100% positive) -- in that case then they'd have to try bank transfer or some other means of payment.

    Personally I'm still not entirely comfortable with the idea of giving out my bank info to a total stranger, unless it's the absolute last resort. I'd like to believe that most banks now have securer measures in place such that no one can do much even with your full name, bank account routing #, bank account #....BUT I do know that for services like AOL's free trial programs, just having those 3 pieces of information is sufficient for opening an account and getting the services started. All in all I'd recommend BidPay for int'l transactions before resorting to bank wire transfers.
  11. I've accepted BidPay and wires in the past without a problem. Selling to someone outside the US can sometimes really be a big inconvenience but the times I've done it I haven't really had any problems. It's nice to know your bank doesn't charge a fee (mine charges $12-15 per transaction).
  12. i have an awesome bank. someone recently stole my debit card number and they called me while they were trying to use it and stopped most of the charges. about 400 dollars worth still got through but i got to the bank immediiately and got them taken off. i'm very lucky about that.

    i hadn't thought of bidpay. the buyer emailed me this am that she's still trying to confirm with pp and will let me know tomorrow which she wants to do. i told her at this point i would prefer wire transfer. we'll see what happens.

    it's not a super high amount but over 500 so a lot to me, kwim?
  13. Bidpay is also a good suggestion if you're nervous about providing bank account numbers. I used to accept BidPay and can't remember now why I no longer do, but it wasn't because of potential fraud, as I recall.

    But yes, I do give them my bank account numbers. As someone else mentioned, it's pretty much all the exact same information that is on a check, so I don't feel scared about giving it out. I've been lucky, knock on wood, never to have had an account compromised though so I can see how you would be nervous in light of that recent thing that happened.