International Orders on Bluefly....

  1. Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone has ordered on bluefly using the freight forwarding service??? If so please post of your experience. There is a bottega on bluefly I really want but unfortunately they only ship to the US, Japan etc. They mention the access USA service but I'm not sure plus there is the whole UK Credit card/billing address palava. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated! TIA.:tup:
  2. I do think the only European country Bluefly ships to is Switzerland. Do you maybe have friends there? Or is there a forwarding service from there? I could imagine it be cheaper from Switzerland than from the US.
  3. I used AccessUSA several years ago before my local postal service started offering the same service. AccessUSA basically deals with forwarding shipments to addresses outside the US. They also have a service where you can get a credit card with a US address. They were pretty reliable when I used them, although shipping rates can get quite expensive. What I used to do was to order lots of stuff to be sent to AccessUSA just before I visited the US, and then get one big consolidated order sent to my hotel. But I have also used them to ship to me outside of US.
  4. Great thanks for the info Roxane! and C24.