International Orders from Revolve Clothing

  1. Just wanted to ask fellow tPFers, for any orders made outside of US, if clothes/accessories need to be returned, can I correctly assume that Revolve Clothing does not cover the shipping cost? i.e. if I need to send back the item to Revolve Clothing, the cost needs to come out of my own pocket? Or will they refund the cost after they recieve the item?

  2. Slightly off topic, but I live in the UK and I cant 'checkout' on revolve!
    I have tried on my home computer and at my brothers home, but I still cant check out.
    I have used AOL and IE but nothing.
    If any Uk-ers are reading this, I would be soooo grateful if you could put something into your basket and click the 'checkout' button and see if it lets you. TIA!!

    ...about returns. I would guess that you would have to pay for returning an item back to revolve. I dont think they would be that generous, but you never know! ;)
  3. Lucyily I've not done the return part yet. but, for my understanding revolve does not cover the costs for the return of international orders. "International exchanges & returns work in the same way as domestic exchanges & returns, but do not include prepaid return labels or refund return shipping costs." so, good luck.
  4. If the item is defective, Revolve will usually cover the return cost. Otherwise, you need to pay for the shipping. HTH!
  5. Thanks! I think that sounds reasonable enough.
  6. I'm in Australia and have returned items to Revolve

    You will have to bear the cost of returning the items, and it's not refundable

    So you will only get back the cost of the item itself