International order from Europe/Paris

  1. I am just wondering whether international buyers can order handbags from chanel boutique in pairs ? if yes, where can i order ? if they ship it to other countries , will i be charged for VAT tax ?

    Thank you !
  2. hi! of course you can order from chanel paris. call SFH Chanel 33153059895
    regarding tax, it depends in your country if you do have tax or vat. example: USA- you will gettaxed.
    Hongkong-you won't get taxed! :smile:
  3. rue cambon have told me no twice, but i heard it depends on the SA you get! :smile:
  4. well i am seriously thinking of writing to their head office ~ i was told *no* twice & then *yes* by another SA ~ i bought two 225 re~issues ~ i have just bought a third & also enquired about a 4th bag (a different style) & a wallet which i thought they may have been able to ship along with the 3rd reissue ~ i received this very abrupt e~mail this morning ~

    I am afraid that we do not currently have any of these bags.

    Besides, due to the complexity we encounter in exchanging any item that
    would not meet your expectations, may we give you the advice to get in
    touch with the Chanel boutique which is closest to you.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding.

    :wtf: ~ nice!

    why do they think i am contacting them in the first place?! ~ could it possibly be b/c my *local boutique* doesn't have the bags i want to buy & it was also my local boutique who told be to call paris in the first place!!! ~ or do they just think i choose to pay more expensive prices + shipping + bank transfer fees for the hell of it? :cursing:

    if i didn't want the red met so much i would tell them what to do with it! :hysteric:

    they obviously really value my custom!
  5. ^What?? So when they said "these bags" do they mean your red reissue as well?! It sounds a bit cold of them, would have expected them to be kinder. It might be a culture thing though, I remember the SA who served me in Paris last time was really nice but very blunt lol! (said that the 227 looked bloody silly on me and the 226 was better!)
  6. Aww Viki!Are they still able to send over your red metallc 2.55 though?

  7. ^ yes ~ they are sending me the red met but it was when i enquired about another couple of items (which i thought they could ship with the red met) that i received their lovely reply! :wtf: ~ obviously i am giving them too much work!
  8. Don't let it get to you viki, it's their loss! I would try a different boutique or ask around in the UK.
  9. I would suggest to them to transfer it to a London boutique. Give the details of the items that you want to your London SA and they can contact Paris to transfer it to them. That way you can pick up the items yourself or let them ship to you and this will also solve the matter with exchanging and returning any items.
  10. I think the message sounds stiff but I don't think it's rude.

    The most important thing is you're getting the red metallic, right? I initially thought the note meant you weren't getting the red metallic.
  11. thank you very much for everyone's attention. how many chanel boutiques in pairs that they can do international order ? any SA that you recommend ? becuase i heart that some of them do not allow ordering over the phone.
  12. well maybe if like me you had just given them 5000 euros & were trying to give them another 2000~2500 euros you would feel the same way!
  13. that is actually what i tried to do initially on the suggestion of my london SA ~ but rue cambon informed me that they are not allowed to transfer new stock that is in such high demand ~ hence i am buying direct from them ~ 'tho others have been refused mail order & now suddenly i am being refused mail order after buying 3 bags ~ i can't help wondering if there has been some third party interference :confused1:
  14. ^It is strange that they've suddenly refused to do mail orders. I guess if you're in the UK, with all the bank transfer, exchange rate and shipping fees, it might actually be cheaper to just buy some Eurostar tickets and actually go there! That's what I'm doing!
  15. ^ or go *cheasy jet*! ~ :lol: