International money orders?

  1. I have noticed that many US sellers who don't accept Paypal from overseas would take a money order. I am familiar with Western Union, but are there any other money order services that work internationally?
  2. Bidpay, is good they send a cheque to the seller. I am in the UK and have used them a few times
  3. Yes, I used them once or twice last spring, but I thought they closed down? There was a notice on their website some months ago that they were no longer in business.
  4. :yes::yes:
    but may still avalaible snother international MO for international buyer/seller? I received email regarding my LV on eBay. The buyer is looking to make payment by MO and unfortunately, PayPal system has not avalaible for my country to accept money, only for send money.
    Any idea? Thanks :smile:
  5. Bidpay is still around. I think they were taken over by another company and changed some of their policies. It used to be free for the seller and the buyer used to pay the fees. Now the seller is responsible for the fees, but they are is less than paypal.
  6. ^^^ Good to know, thanks for the information!
    Great with an alternative to Paypal.
  7. Hello Westiegirl, I've tried BidPay and to receive payment by BidPay but it looks I need to have saving account in my credit card bank issuer, doesn't it? Do you've an idea if my bank is different with my cedit card bank issuer? Thanks :smile:
  8. Mo's scare me. too many scams. eBay recommends against using money orders or western union. not safe in case of a dispute, either.