International Money Order??

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  1. Hi. I need some help in learning more about international money order. I have a buyer from Denmark who has won my auction, and she wants to send me an international money order. I don't exactly know how it works. I have requested a postal money order but I am not sure if they have that in Denmark. What are some drawbacks of money order?

    Should I just accept Western Union transfer instead? She initially wanted to wire money over because it is very common to do that in Europe. Can anyone help please?

    Thanks so much!! :flowers:
  2. I haven't ever received either, but it seems that Western Union would be a lot safer. I recently posted some questions about WU payments because I have a potential buyer in Pakistan who wanted to know if I would accept WU. From what I was told in my post and also by WU, all you do is give the buyer your name, city and state and they make the payment. They you go to WU and pick up the money. All you need is your ID and the confirmation# that the buyer is given by WU when they send the money. I wouldn't have them send it to your checking account. Picking it up at WU sounds like there is no risk to you. If anything, the buyer faces the risk of having no recourse since WU is not supported by Ebay. I'd probably go with the WU option. Money orders are scary and can be easily faked. The only money orders I will accept are USPS and Canadian Post. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. Thanks, skigirl73!

    I called a local Western Union agent to confirm. She told me to give the buyer my name and address. In return, the buyer needs to provide me with the MTCN# (money transfer confirmation number). I didn't know Western Union is that easy!
  4. I didn't either until I started a thread about it on here... I always thought that you had to give your banking info, which I was not about to do! From what some of the responses to my thread said, there is no risk to the seller with WU. Plus no PayPal fees... YIPPEE!!!!
  5. I am a powerseller on Ebay. My favourite payment method is Western union, then Wire Transfer , then International money order. paypal is my least favourite payment. (I mean for expensive items).
    Wire Transfer is also easy, you have to give your bank account to the buyer. It takes about 2 to 3 working days to receive the money. There is some fees, each bank is different.
    Money Order is simplily like receiving Cash Cheque. Only the receiver is allowed to cash the MO. You have to deposit the MO to your bank and there is a fee . You must make sure the Money Order is real before you send out the item. However it takes the longer time than others, as the buyer needs a few days to mail you the MO. There is NO Chargeback!

    Paypal fee is the highest.
  6. Thank you! That's very helpful. :tup: I know that MO is safe because the penalty for canceling an MO can be costly to the buyer.