International money order/bank wire

  1. Hi, I apologize if this has been answered before. I have a buyer who wants me to ship a pair of shoes to Germany for his sister. I told him I would not under-declare the value. However, he is asking me to so his sister doesn't have to pay customs on it. If I were to send it that way and require that he pay by money order or bank wire, I would be fine then right?

    If so, how does one go about doing that? Western Union or something similar? TIA!
  2. western union is easy, although the sender have to pay quite a lot of fee compared to bank to bank wire transfer.
    but with WU, u can take the money very fast.
    with wire transfer, it require 3-5 business days
  3. Lying on customs forms is a federal offense. The result could be the confiscation and destruction of the item or worse.
  4. I have done bank wire transactions with international buyers who can't use paypal due to unconfirmed addresses or buyers with low feedback histories. It is the safest thing to me as a seller for an expensive item. I have one coming in today from Canada and notice the amount is slightly less than I expected so beware of exchange rate differences.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I realize that it is against the law to put the wrong amount on the customs forms, but that amount is rather subjective -- i.e. if I paid $60 but the buyer pays $120, if I mark $60 and a gift, then is that an offense? Legal semantics really. Anyway, I told him I couldn't do it unless he paid by MO, but those fees kind of negate the point.
  6. Uh, don't do it. Not only is it against the law and you'll be the one to pay the piper, but International Money Orders are easy to fake. Accept ONLY cash or PayPal. And NEVER LIE to ANY goverment official, even Customs.
  7. Also, NEVER EVER accept payment for more than you requested, with a plea to cash it and return the extra... it always turns out the MO or Back transfer was bogus. You've lost not only that amount of cash, but your item too.