International M/O NIGHTMARE!!!!!

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  1. Well, let me first say that I have learned a valuable lesson to NEVER, EVER, EVER send a money order for an eBay transaction EVER again!!!! I won a very expensive item on eBay. The seller said she would only take a Money order since she was selling it for her sister (I don't understand why she couldn't just WD the money and hand it over), but, anyway....I mailed the MO ($800.00) on June 4th. 10 days later, the seller emails me to ask where the payment is? I told her I mailed it (to Canada) on June 4th and it could just be delayed. She starts giving me a hard time about how she has dealth with non-paying bidders in the past. I have over 1000 transactions with 100% positive FB. The next thing I know, she files a non-paying bidder dispute against me?? :cursing: Well, needless to say, I freaked!! Then, she got all nice and said she would wait until I worked it out. Had to wait 30 days to put a trace/stop payment on it. Then, yesterday, in the mail I get the MO's that were signed by the seller and cashed on JUNE 18th!!!!!! WTF?? :cursing: I emailed her 4 times since then with no response. Now, I have to file a fraud claim and wait yet again. The post office told me if they find there is fraud involved, I will get a refund. What a HUGE nightmare. I think the bag sold for less than she expected and she was trying to back out of the deal. Makes me sick, the whole thing. Here is the link to the auction, so, beware and stay far, far away from this seller!!!!
  2. Well yes, there are several violations on that auction. Paying with a money order really leaves such little recourse for you, the buyer. Going forward, please never buy a high end item w/out Paypal or a credit card. So...what is the post office specifically doing?
  3. What a big fat liar?! Yes, I will never pay MO or bank wire to any transaction. I was so naive many years ago that I even sent cash, per seller's request, to Europe. Of course, it was a fraud. I learned so many lessons but also paid so much "tuition" for them.

    That was a news to me that USPS will refund you if it is found to be a fraud. Why you haven't leave her a negative? If she wants to sell high-end bags again, she'd better keep her feedback clean.
  4. This is terrible!!!!
    Good luck to you getting your money back!

    Yes def. leave this scam artist a negative to warn others in case she lists new bags!!

    I learned so many lessons but also paid so much "tuition" for them.

    So true!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well, I won't leave any feedback until I have my money back in my hands. The post office is sending me forms to file a fraud claim. Who knows how long that will take? What a mess and yes, I totally should have known better. UGH!!!!
  6. OMG :shocked: why there's so many scam artists on eBay?? I hope everything will be fine then...
  7. Sheesh, I am so sorry this happend to you. Hug*
    I hope everything work out for you. Keep up posted on the progress.
  8. Wow. That seller is reaching the level of monaco-babe. Several PFers have been bitten by her, Purse. I know it doesn't necessarily help that you're not alone... but maybe if someone has been successful in getting their money or bag from her, they might speak up. She reads this forum (and may be a member again, who knows?) so be cautious.
  9. Oh im so sorry that this has happened to you... I agree that there has been some talk about her being a scammer, namely fakes etc...
    I really hope that you can get this worked out and you get your money back. Fingers crossed x
  10. Ugh, I am so sorry. I am dealing with a similar situation. I sent a MO to a seller in AZ and the person who I thought I was dealing with was actually someone else (stolen identity). I have just now made headway and I'm hoping to get my money back.

    Stick with it, and no matter how tired you get of going after her, don't give up. PM me if you'd like some more tips on how to deal with this scammer.
  11. Have you responded to her NPB? Make sure you do, and state that you have a copy of the signed money order. She may back down at that point.
  12. First thing, I NEVER buy from ebay from people who only request a money order or western union. Too many scammers out there and I don't care what their feedback is. There are people who hack into ebay accounts with high feedback and request those payment methods. As a seller on ebay i accept money orders but that is not the only form of payment I accept. I offer paypal for all my customers. Good luck getting your money back.
  13. oh dear! sorry that you've to go through this...and it's been dragging for sometime now already as the auction ended in 31 May! If there's talk of this seller being "problematic", where is it? I haven't seen it? :confused1: Thanks for posting. I'll definitely keep away from her auctions now. and Good Luck!!
  14. ^ peppy, unfortunately most of the previous information has been deleted with Balenciaga threads that are no longer available.
  15. I say we round up a posse and head for the border!!! I have no tolerance for low life thieves! :cursing::censor::rant: