International Luggage Trends

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't know where else to post. Can someone explain to me the preference for hard case luggage? I notice that pretty much most people outside of the US travel with hard case luggage, while Americans tend to have cloth/fabric luggage. Does anyone know why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  2. Hard-case luggage tends to stronger and protect it's contents more plus you can be sure of measurements if checking in, it also tends to be weather proof.

    Soft-sided luggage allows for a little 'over-packing' but does not protect the contents so well including if it's left out in the rain.

    You guys probably just have more considerate baggage handlers :biggrin:
  3. Papertiger said it all!:smile:
  4. Almost all, lol, i would add that obviously soft luggage weighs much less.
  5. Not true anymore, Denton!
    Samsonite Firelite cabin luggage only weighs 1.9kilo, 4.19lbs!
    Much less than a soft one....
  6. ^Thanks all! I'm considering getting hard-sided suitcases because I travel A LOT - always international. After every 2 trips I pretty much need to change my luggage. I don't know what the heck is happening to my luggage when it's out of sight - I guess it doesn't matter if you fly first or not, all of our luggage is equally manhandled! I was just wondering why it seems that hardsided luggage is predominant in all other countries except the US. I'm starting to see more adverts for hardsided cases in the US but they're still few and far between.
  7. really? im in asia and most of the luggage i saw here are the soft ones.
  8. I prefer soft over hard. I've have a few hard cases and the only one that is still in good shape is my mom's old delesy(it's older than me!). I had a samsonite hard suitcase and it got dented and scuffed up on the first use. Kept on using it and the lock got jacked up, I can jimmy it open/close but others cant. If I were to buy another suitcase it will definitely be a soft one. However I generally only travel carry on only because I don't want to pay baggage fees.
  9. My SO's dad is a 747 Captain and has been buying Samsonite soft luggage throughout his career. He has to replace every two years or so, but based on his suggestions I went Samsonite Ultralite over Tumi or Globetrotter or Rimowa I was looking at. HTH!
  10. have you looked at Briggs and Riley? They have a no questions asked repair or replacement policy, even if the bag is damaged by TSA . I absolutely love their luggage. I've had two of their Baseline suitcases for 15 years, and both look brand new.

    on a related note, first class luggage does get special handling. I usually fly first class, and the airlines attach special 'priority handling' labels to my bags.
  11. I had hard Samsonite luggage a few years ago, never again! It got so banged up on the corners and around the frame. Once I was rolling it through the airport in cancun and it just burst open and my contents spilled onto the ground.

    It kept popping open at any given time and the only way it would stay firmly shut was to keep it locked, but you can't lock your luggage on planes anymore. I like having the zipper to close my suitcases and love all the compartments that a softsided luggage has.