International flights-what's the legal carry on luggage size? Brands?

  1. Hi everyone *wave*, what's the 'legal' size for international carry on? i am considering LV Pegase 60 measures 14.5"x 22.5"x 7.5", or Pegase 50 measures 14.2"x 20"x 7.1". It really don't have to be LV, but I just want buy the max. legal size :lol: The flights will mainly be among Asia, such as Japan, Taiwan, China, HK, not sure if i can squeez enough time for Europe :girlsigh:

    Also what brand do you suggest for check-ins? My family are always torn between a good one (subject to airport's internal theft, or 'missing'), or a crappy one that sometimes give up in the middle of traveling:lol:.
  2. Hi! Check your airline's website for their maximum allowed size for hand-carry luggage.

    I travel a lot from the US to Asia and use a heavy-duty luggage brand like TravelPro for checked luggage. Checked luggage takes a lot of beating and sturdiness outweighs "fashion" in my mind.
  3. TravelPro? Will keep this brand in mind, I'm too chicken to check in any fancy items, that's why i want the max. legal size carry on w/valueables w/me at all times :shame:
  4. There are a ton of luggage options on It's a great website with tons of pictures of each bag. You can also read comments from other people who have bought the bags.

    Good luck!
  5. I have found that some international flights go by both weight and size. I had a bag that was the allowed size, but weighed too much , so i was forced to check it. It was full, but only with clothes, nothing extra heavy. This was on China Air, I believe, and I also found this on Thai Intl. I would buy a cheaper durable bag and check it! I like Eagle Creek- extremely durable and not super expensive.
  6. redney~thanks for the site, will definitely check it out!
    cakegirl~yes, even the check in weight shrinked big time, 38-25 kg!
  7. Heys roll x case is awesome! its only about $100 and it has wheels.
    On their website they have a toddler wheeling the suitcase!