International Exchange?

Jan 3, 2011
Washington DC
So DH was traveling abroad this past weekend and picked me up a beautiful YG Love at a boutique as a surprise and I'm so excited about it. I got sized a few months ago and he took that with him. Only thing is, we're trying to get pregnant and I've packed on some lbs so my wrist isn't the same size. Insert panic mode. I reached out to Cartier US via the main customer service line and asked them about a size exchange and they said to take my bracelet, receipt, and duty paperwork into a boutique for them to "consider" an exchange. I have all of those items but what does that mean?

We've purchased one thing from the boutique near us and the SA was really nice but I definitely don't have an established relationship with anyone there. It kind of seems like the it might be at the discretion of the SA, has anyone ever done an international exchange? I really hope they accept mine because the bracelet goes on but it's definitely tight and I know it'll only get more uncomfortable! Any advice would help :sad:


Nov 24, 2008
Cartier does not have international exchange "policy". If you really want to exchange, you need to pay the vat differences and then they will start to "entertain" you. This is what my local SAs told me.