International couriers

  1. Hi there,
    I need to send a bag to the US from Holland - can anyone recommend an international courier? I've already contacted DHL and UPS, can't think of any other carriers and Googling isn't giving me any information.
  2. DHL is awesome!!!!
  3. FEDEX?
    La Poste/Chronopost?
  4. I can't help,unfortunately,Cal...but just to add that I was going to send some boots to the US and DHL quoted me 135 euros based on the dimensions of the box!!

    I was selling the boots for 250 euros,so I didn't think that that was a great idea.

    In the end,a friend took it over for me on the plane and once there sent it by USPS!! For $20 or something.

    But it's not often a friend just happens to go at the right time....good luck and I'm interested to hear what you find out.
  5. so far it looks like FEDEX is the cheapest - still €70,
  6. At my office, we've used FedEx, UPS and DHL- and we've had the best luck with FedEx. We had a huge problem with UPS last year misplacing some very important packages.

    I'd suggest FedEx.
  7. i think you can try EMS ( but sometimes they can be delayed )