International buyers

  1. Ladies, I need some help. How do you deal with international buyers who are not UK or Canada and therefore nonconfirmed addresses with Paypal?

    I'm selling some of my smaller Chanel bags and have had lots of requests to ship to HK, Singapore, other countries in Europe. Since I only take paypal, I've said no, I don't ship. But I've no problem shipping worldwide as long as I'm protected. Most important to me is freeing up closet space!:tup:

    Any suggestions? TIA
  2. I always ship international, but the only way I ship is using USPS EMS Global Express. It's the only way you can get a tracking number using the post office now.
  3. i just no longer ship internationally. even with a tracking number, paypal seller protection doesn't cover shipments to unconfirmed addresses. after reading about how another TPF member got burned after she sent an expensive bag to the UK i decided it wasn't worth the trouble. buyers can file a chargeback and claim that they never received the bag if it is shipped to a unconfirmed address.
  4. by the way, you can get a tracking number if you send USPS global priority, not just through global express.
  5. I put in my listing if they are from a country which does not have confirmed paypal addresses they must pay by bank transfer!
  6. I ship to unconfirmed international address all the time. It takes a little common sense to tell if the transaction looks fishy but I haven't had any problems with someone reporting a bag they never received. Make sure that you ship with a tracking number and signature confirmation. I would think that paypal would side in the sellers favor if you had signature confirmation that it was delivered to the address on the paypal account.... hope I never have to find out.

    Of course I always prefer international buyers to pay via Google Checkout or wire transfer.
  7. Wow! Google checkout! That's a good suggestion! I'll have to look into that tonight!

    As for wire transfer, are you comfortable giving your bank account information? I have a separate account for eBay/paypal but still feel a little wary. Thanks!
  8. bank transfers aren't a problem, don't be wary, the same details are on cheques too. you only need to give your IBAN and BIC codes
  9. I tried sending a bag to UK with USPS EMS Global Express but the postal person couldn't figure out how to add insurance to EMS Global Express. I ended up sending it registered.
  10. This is good to know! thank you!
  11. I will only accept wire transfer or Bidpay from buyers outside US, UK and Canada. I have shipped all over via EMS. Yes, it is expensive but I just pass the cost to my buyer. I let them know my rules up front, so far so good!
    Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the info! I'll have to expand my horizons with a less expensive item to get my feet wet.
  13. I buy alot from overseas. The sellers are willing to ship to unconfirmed address, but they pass the cost of delivery (services with confirmation of delivery) to the buyers.

    There are alot of bags that cannot be found in Singapore, HK etc, and hence I believe buyers would not mind the higher delivery costs.

    good luck in your sales
  14. I just sold a Chanel bag to a lovely gal in France, and am so glad I did! I, too, was hesitant to ship international without paypal protection but had such a good feeling about her based on our communications; her feedback was impeccable, and she made the entire process effortless. I sent the bag via USPS EMS with insurance and tracking and she received it exactly one week later. It even got through customs with no extra charges, and we were honest about declaration of value! It was by far one of the best eBay transactions ever. When US buyers were hounding me to lower the price and making ureasonable demands, she was 100% cooperative. And she loves her new bag!
  15. When I was still based in NY I would ship overseas all the time. I use FedEx/UPS/DHL for Asia because in some countries USPS Global Priority or Express will only deliver to the country's port so your tracking ends there, and you have to rely on the local postal service for the actual delivery (NOT a good idea). Now that I'm in Manila, I am thankful for sellers who will ship here - I am more than happy to pay the $$$ for Express shipping via UPS/FedEx/DHL rather than lose something sent via USPS Global.

    I think sending to a non-paypal confirmed address is a bigger risk (again, thanks to all the sellers who gladly do it for me!) but you do have other options including international money orders, wire transfers, and BidPay (aside from Google Checkout).