International Buyers Problems. HELP!

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  1. Hello everyone

    I just recently sold something on ebay. An international buyer from new zealand won the bid and she paid right away. However, when i receive the receipt of payment from paypal, the buyer's address is unconfirmed. Having unconfirmed address means her credit card / billing address does not match the shipping address. I know that shipping to an unconfirmed address is considered fraud and is not protected under paypal seller protection. I read through paypal website and it stated that it is impossible for paypal to confirmed international buyer address ...??

    Is this true? Anyone living in New Zealand in the forum? Do you guys have paypal account? Is your address confirmed in the account?
    If you do, how do you go about doing this?
    I need to find out how to 'confirmed' an address so that i can email the buyer the steps to do this and ship out the item.

    Please help. Thank you very much.
  2. Go to the Paypal website and navigage around - there IS a phone number where you can actually talk to a live person - I have called a couple of times. They should be able to tell you how to handle this.
  3. I don't think i can call for the buyer. She has to call the # herself..

    I don't know if it is adviseable for me to go ahead and send her the item to an unconfirmed address.
  4. I don't think sending to an unconfirmed address is a big deal, I've done it many time with no problems.

    The buyer could be using her husband's or parents' credit card, but wants it shipped to her house or school or wherever.

    I just shipped internationally to an unconfirmed address in Japan, I expect it to turn out fine.
  5. This is troubing me - you should be able to contact the buyer through ebay - when there is a problem, you are always advised to try to settle it by direct contact with the buyer (or seller). I would be very hesitant to ship under these circumstances. Ebay can be so frustratring. Someone on this blog might have a substantial answer - be patient.
  6. Depending upon the dollar value of the item that you are sending, you may want to ask the buyer to pay for insurance because the address in unconfirmed, if you want extra protection. I think that Paypal only covers you if you ship to a confirmed address, so if the buyer pays for insurance that will cover the potential loss of the package. I agree with IntlSet though, an unconfirmed address shouldn't be that much of a problem. The main problem with unconfirmed addresses I would think would be payment, but the buyer already paid you, so that base is covered.
  7. I contacted paypal and they told me that so far, only UK and Canada paypal account holders are able to have confirmed address. If there is a fraud, or if the buyer of the account has file against me, and i cannot prove that i shipped the item to the confirmed address, paypal will automatically reward the buyer the money.

    I dont know if having insurance helps. The insurance is to protect the package from being lost while in transit. and if the package does reach the unconfirmed address, i dont know if i can get my money from the insurance?
  8. What's her feedback like?

    I'm in the US and have a confirmed addy myslef, but I have shipped to unconfirmed addys before. But I'd be leary if she has crappy feedback.
  9. She just have 1 positive feedback! *cry*
  10. i wouldn't worry about it at all. she paid right away so she really wants the item. I think if you want her to get insureance that is okay and the post office makes them sign for it if the insureance is over $200. I've shipped worldwide before, once even through a receiving agency and if the buyer wants the article they aren't going to give you any problems.
  11. okay.. I am going to go ahead and do it. Thanks everyone.
  12. You can limit auctions to shipment to specific countries, including U.S. only. If you do this, make sure you go into your preferences and set it up so that bidders outside the U.S. cannot bid on your auctions. I had a problem with a bag that I recently sold when it was listed as U.S. only when a bidder in Hong Kong won the bag and then balked at the international shipping fee, then didn't bother to pay. eBay seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Just something for your future consideration if you don't want to deal with the international issues.
  13. hi there!
    i'm in new zealand! i've bought from eBay before! i had to pay a few dollars to do something on paypal to confirm my address... i dunno something on paypal said its a good idea to get it, so i did... :amuse: but i must say i haven't bought anything from eBay in ages though so i have no idea how or what the other person receives eg/what info they get on me....

    let me know if i can help! :biggrin:
  14. Hi, I'm not living in New Zealand but I live in Italy. If you go to the Paypal help page you can read that credit card billing addresses outside the US, Canada and Great Britain are not confirmed by Paypal at the moment.

    The help file on the Paypal site writes: «What is an Unconfirmed Address? An unconfirmed address is any address which is not associated with a credit card or which has not been Verified by PayPal. Most non-US addresses cannot be confirmed at this time because many international credit card platforms do not support methods to do so».

    The procedure HelenNZ refers to is to verify the account, which is different from having a confirmed address.

    I don't think you have to worry at all. I don't have a confirmed address, living outside the US, but I'm considered an excellent ebayer and never, ever had / caused problems paying through Paypal for my purchases on Ebay. So I don't think you have to worry. Even if she has only one feedback.. I remember the struggle to begin building my reputation as an Ebayer myself! :oh:
  15. I live in New Zealand. i am a vertifed at paypal but i guess my address still unconfirm but I arleady used paypal for nearly 3 years with around 30 feedbacks.