International buyers ignoring and buying anyway...

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  1. I am just curious about this because its happened to me twice this morning ..and never before..
    I have on my listings that I don't ship internationally at this time(due to a couple of experiences that didn't go very well..) and in the last 24 hours have sold two of my items to international has paid already and the other has not.
    I have made the exception to the one that has paid and told the other that I cannot and will need to relist the item..please do not pay.
    What do I do for the item I need to relist..when its already charged me all the fees as if its sold? How do I get that back or should I just let it go because its too much work?
    Do you have buyers who ignore your listing request..or maybe not read the whole my guess.
    Thanks...I'm just frustrated this morning...:s
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    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    I would explain to the buyer very nicely that you unfortunately do not ship to internt'l buyers, which is stated in your listing. And due to the misunderstanding, need to relist the item. I would them inform then first that you need to cancel the transaction in order to relist (all said very nicely so as to avoid any issues) and then send the the cancellation request. Once they approve it, you will get all of your fees returned by ebay.

    If the buyer refuses to cancel, you can call ebay customer service and they will manually do the cancellation - however, by being very polite and empathetic in your messages, hopefullly you will avoid any such problem.

    Good luck! :smile:

    ps if you have more bidders and are happy with the prices (or need the money more immediately) you can give another buyer a second chance offer instead of re-listing, if that is easeir for you.

    Oh- and in answer to your question about buyers ignoring requests in the listing: YES!! All the time! I try and block the people that I know will ignore my requests - for example, you can now place these buyers on your blocked buyers id list. You can also state explicitly that you will block bidders who ignore your requests, and to please honor them for both your sake and the buyers' sake - you don't want to waste their time either (I always try to be very nice about wording in the hope that it will elicit the same behavior).

    (Good lord, I can't spell today! sorry)
  3. Thanks...yes, I have been very polite as you've stated above so there isn't any issues:smile:.....but wasn't sure how to do the cancellation...where is that option?
    I have been selling and buying on ebay for years(2002) but have never had to do this I was unsure.
  4. Why not try blocking bids from international buyers?
  5. ^^ ..I guess out of site out of mind..never had it happen before so I didn't think to go change those preferences...I just went in and did it just now though..thanks!:flowers:
  6. You're welcome. I figured that would nip the problem in the bud, seeing as your buyers are obviously not listening to you! :biggrin:
  7. You're so welcome!
    I forgot about the fact that you can just block internt'l buyers! I did it a long time ago and forgot about the option. I was thinking of the people who ignore my request to send a message if they have less than 10 pos. feedbacks - that happens all the time! :smile:
  8. Yep, easiest way to is block countries you don't ship to. I have it checked, and once in a while I get an e-mail from a individual who wants to bid and I check their feedback, and if OK I can unblock for just that auction. So far so good. Most of my international buyers are gems!
  9. If I search through the .nl site, I often get listings for .com and .uk and .de sellers, many of which don't ship internationally (but most do, so they get lost in the lists). It may be a simple case of something showing up in a search and the buyer not noticing that the seller doesn't ship to their region.

    Blocking international buyers is probably the best way to go, so it never even shows up in our searches.
  10. .
  11. Its so nice to hear somebody say something nice about international buyers.

    I buy a lot of stuff internationally and like to think I am a gem. :biggrin:
  12. I for one am sorry that there is an option to block international buyers from seeing the listing - since I live in little ole DK I have bought a good amount of stuff from US ( ebay and from various stores/internet sites).

    If I see a listing with only US shipping and I am really interested in the item, I will contact seller to hear if they will make an exception and ship abroad. I know some ebay sellers have had problems with returned items due to extensive customs fees etc., but I am very aware of this and always calculate with being 'fined' when I buy things from US! I'm sorry some international buyers are such a hassle - it would just be sad for the rest of us if we were blocked :smile:
  13. I agree, I'm an international buyer and have spent thousands (gulp!) over the years, on handbags via eBay. I have 100% 500+ feedback, I always pay immediately. In other threads sellers moan and groan loudly about how low and slow sales are these days - well, if you block me you lose my business, simple as that. I won't beg someone for the right to be a good customer!