international buyer won my should I ship?

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  1. A Korean buyer bid and won a bag that I listed on ebay. She hasn't paid yet. Should I send an invoice with the revised shipping?

    How should I ship internationally? What do I do about insurance?

    This person has no feedback. should I be concerned? I've never sold to international buyers before.

  2. Hmmm...

    Not sure I'd feel comfortable about this, if I were you.

    Please wait for more opinions, though, as I haven't sold for a while.
  3. I've sold to zero feedback bidders in S. Korea in the past with no problems.

    For all international shipments I only use USPS Express Mail as my method of shipment. I would insure the item and value it on the customs form for nothing less than the full auction price (trust me on this one). If the item is over $250.00, you MUST purchase signature confirmation in order to be protected by PayPal. If you don't and the buyer says it was never received, PayPal will refund all of her money and you will lose the bag as well.

    My experiences in dealing with zero feedback bidders from S. Korea have been nothing less than positive. I have sent several Chanel bags in the $2,000 range.

    Good luck!
  4. I, too have shipped to S. Korea with no problems. Use Express Mail only and do not undervalue the bag. I know that Korean customs is expensive, but do not mark as a gift nor lower the sell price on the customs form.

    Also, be sure to tell her that and also that she is responsible for all duties and/or VAT.
  5. So I should definitely do express mail and not priority mail. Thanks all for your help.
  6. USPS Express Mail International. Definitely. It requires a signature, tracking is included, and insurance is included for up to $100. Purchase full insurance, declare the value of the item honestly, and do not mark the item as a gift. Ideally, you should have listed a disclaimer explaining that the buyer is solely responsible for any and all customs charges. You should have also included an option for int'l shipping in your listing, so I suppose now you will have to send a revised invoice.

    I've personally stopped shipping internationally. I've had really great and really terrible, nightmarish experiences with int'l buyers and sellers, so it's really up to you. In my own opinion, though, you have to go through with the transaction. Just be careful and thorough. :tup:
  7. This is really good advice if you want to make sure you are covered :smile:
  8. Hmmm...this is weird. When I went to send a revised invoice, I see that the buyer changed the shipping address to a US address. (still hasn't paid)...
  9. That's odd. Ultimately, it's the address that you receive with the PayPal payment that matters. I suggest you contact the buyer and ask them to confirm their shipping address.
  10. Good idea. I'll do that.
  11. The buyer might have a forwarding service in the US. Either way, the only way you can be protected is to ship to the address on paypal....but verify everything first.
  12. Agreed. And make sure the address is confirmed.
  13. This is the vital bit. If the address isn't confirmed or verified, you will not have any protection should the item go missing. Only ship to the address shown in PP.
  14. I think I would cal PP on this one to be super sure you are covered and exactly how? Do you say in your auction that you will ship to international buyers and if so how do you say you will handle the shipping charges?
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    If the buyer is located in S Korea then there is no way her US address would be confirmed. I live in Canada and often get stuff shipped to my US address but PP will not let me add my US address to my Canadian PP account. There used to be a button where I could select "no shipping address required" and then add my US address in the notes but PP has removed that. Also only Canada, US and UK can have confirmed addresses...I believe that other accounts cannot be confirmed/verified.

    I usually have no problem doing this for people as long as they contact me first! I usually contact my sellers before hand since it is only polite, make sure you get the buyer to confirm her address and then ship out when the money has cleared. Always shipped with tracking number, signature on delivery for anything > $250, and fully insured.