International Buyer w/0 Feedback...What To Do?!?!

  1. I have a prospective buyer from London with zero feedback, (which in my listing I've disallowed both). She said she would pay in any form I wanted. Is there a way to protect myself if anything were to go wrong? I've heard bank wire is the best, but what sort of horrors could come of this transaction?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have sold to buyers from London before - just be sure to use their confirmed address :yes:

    Key rules of Seller Protection
    Ensure that the item is “Eligible” for Seller Protection, as displayed in your ‘Transaction Details’. Your ‘Transaction Details’ are in your PayPal email receipt. You can also find your ‘Transaction Details’ by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking on ‘Detail’ next to the relevant transaction.[​IMG]Only transactions between UK, US or Canadian buyers and sellers qualifyPost to a confirmed address, as displayed in ‘Transaction Details’. This ensures that the item goes to the buyer at an address we have details of.Retain proof of postage that can be tracked online, such as Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery. If you hand deliver an item, or provide delivery in a way that we can not track online, your transaction will not qualify. This includes items posted with first class postage.For items with a value of £150 or more, you need to provide proof of signature from the recipientYou must be Verified, and have a Premier or Business accountPost the item within seven days of receiving paymentOnly accept payments in full from a single PayPal accountPlease respond to all PayPal enquiries within the deadlines as disputes need to be resolved within a specific time frame.[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. My goodness forenfinal, you keep coming to my rescue!!! :flowers:

    I didn't even know the UK was covered under buyer protection!!! :nuts: My listings have been updated to include the UK which hopefully means more potential buyers - thanks! :heart:
  4. :yes:

    I have also sold to some GREAT MJ lovers in Austrailia. Just FYI.

    I always send items using Express Mail International-this provides tracking and you can purchase insurance as well.