International Buyer claims I sent pornographic dress!!!!

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  1. Wow, this is a new one for everyone I bet (and hope!). A few weeks ago someone did a buy it now on a Chanel dress I had listed for $1,200. She has about 15 or so feedbacks, all pos. I sent the item to Germany and then 2 weeks later she sends me an email and said I sent her pornographic fetish red leather dress and she was "embarassed to open it at the post office" and said that "everybody at the post office laughed at me." First of all, I sent her the exact item, I would know since its a dress that was worth a substantial amount of money. Second of all, I don't own a pornographic fetish red leather dress (not knocking anyone that does) so it is impossible. Is she just lying to me? Why would someone think to do that, do they really think they can get away with it? She filed a claim within Paypal I am so annoyed and so angry I can't believe the nerve of some people.
  2. what???!!! ive never heard of such a story! has she sent you piccys cause id love to see this porno dress :confused1:
  3. No, I'd love to see it also! I told her that she should go to her customs office to file a claim and she says "I'll email them" wtf. Has anyone else experienced something where someone claimed they sent a different item than they sent? How does Paypal handle this since its just my word against hers? Is she really going to get away with sc*ewing me like this. Grrrr. I have a receipt saying that my package was around 6 ounces (I'm thinking a silk Chanel dress weighs only a few ounces and if she sends a fraudulent porno leather dress back its going to weigh a few pounds and won't match up) if that helps.
  4. Maybe she's confusing you with another seller. Maybe someone else sent her a pornographic red dress...actually, now that I have typed it out, that's still pretty odd. But still, she could be mixing you up with a different seller.
  5. i would just ask for piccys first ... of the dress in the box YOU sent. How very weird.
  6. Please get pics of pornographic dress that was laughed at and post as soon as possible. This has the making of an ebay scam "Hall of Famer." I didn't know Chanel was showing a pornagraphic line this season.:lol:
  7. Do you have documentation of the dress you sent her? Have you taken your money out of your account so they can't remove it? I would think she wouls have to file a not as described claim and she would have to provide pics of what she claims you sent. Good luck.
  8. omg lol

    She's really off her rocker or this is the worst scam ever!
  9. WTF??? :shocked: She's crazy and may be a psycho!

    I think she's trying to get CHANEL dress for FREE and get your sympathic so you'll let her go with your Chanel dress after hear her story! Against her and don't let her go with your $$$ and Chanel dress.

  10. I'm sorry and I know this isn't funny to you. It's just when you thought you'd heard it all, something else comes along to blow your mind. I really have got to stop this ebay business and write a book.
    Best of luck and I'm sure it will work out for you. This one sounds like a medication issue. :nuts:
  11. :wtf:..
    Ebay is just getting weirder and weirder!

    I am sorry to hear this happened to you, I hope you have some kind of documentation that you indeed did send a Chanel dress..

    I always take pic of the item I sent to protect myself from any scammers..Don't even know whether this will even help me in this crazy world of fleabay..

    Really hope you will resolve this soon and on your favour!
    Sending you positive vibes!
  12. OMG! I have never heard such a thing, lol! I don't mean to laugh, but seriously, what the heck?!

  13. Do you mean you take a picture of the item in the box before mailing it out or just use one off of your ebay photos? What a great idea and it sure couldn't hurt.
  14. wow! this HAS happend to me..well not the porno red leather dress..but a buyer tried to claim my bag i sold was a FAKE!...i scared the sh!t out of her and she backed off...i dont put up with things like these..
  15. Oh dear, I need to stop laughing, I know it's serious. Does she really think you'll play ball? I mean, WTF. Yes, we need to see pictures of the red porno dress, I mean who'd have thought that of Chanel. As for the weight difference, that's going to go in your favor. You definitely need pictures of the dress and the box it came in, because they're not going to match up, so that will help your case.