International Buyer Bid AND WON Auction when I specified only U.S. shipping

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  1. Hey all, I just had an auction end and although I specified that I would not ship outside the U.S., someone in France with zero feedback bid and won my auction. Now what do I do? I don't want to ship outside the U.S., and frankly I am nervous with the zero feedback. Do I just ask to mutually cancel the auction? How do I handle this? Please help me with this one! Thanks!
  2. I believe this falls under *bay's policy of unwelcome and malicious bidding/buying. As far as I know, you can cancel the transaction and report the buyer. Here is some information from the *bay help pages ....

    Failure to meet a seller's terms

    • Seller states item will only be shipped domestically. Buyer is registered outside the shipping area.
    • Seller states that buyers with negative feedback comments are not permitted to bid. The buyer has negative feedback.
    Report a buyer who participated in a listing without meeting the listing terms.
  3. And here's how to cancel the transaction (from *bay help pages):

    Cancel the transaction in our Resolution Center.

    You'll open a case at our Resolution Center, which creates a dialogue between you and the buyer through our system and tracks your case for you. Read more about how to use the Resolution Center.
    Timing is important

    • You can open your case immediately to 45 days after the sale.
    • The buyer has up to 7 days to respond to your case. If you haven't heard back after 7 days, you can close the case and you'll receive your Final Value Fee credit.
    • You need to close your case within 60 days of the transaction.
      • If the buyer agrees to cancel, your Final Value Fee will be credited to your account.
      • On the 61st day after the end of the transaction, if you haven't closed your case, eBay automatically closes it and you are not credited the Final Value Fee.
      • Once your case is closed by you or eBay, you can't reopen the case.
    Opening your case
    Timeline: Up to 45 days after the sale
    You need to open your case at the same eBay country site as where you sold the item.
    You'll need to go to the Resolution Center. You can get there any time by clicking Resolution Center at the bottom of most eBay pages. If you go to the Resolution Center from your listing in My eBay, your item number will be filled in on the form for you:

    • Go to My eBay. You may be asked to sign in.
    • Click Sold.
    • Next to your listing, select Resolve a problem from the pull-down menu.
      The Resolution Center – "Resolve a problem" form appears.
    • Select "I sold an item and want to cancel the transaction" and click Continue.
    • Sign in to your account. The "Cancel a transaction" form appears.
      • If you get to the Resolution Center from your item listing, your item number is already filled in.
      • If you get there another way, enter your item number and click Continue.
    • Under "Give the buyer a reason for wanting to cancel this transaction", indicate your reason for canceling and click Continue.

    You can now view or end your case at any time in our Resolution Center.
  4. Thank you so much for the helpful information! I love TPF!
  5. No problem! Good luck ;)
  6. Also for the future go into your seller's preferences and block international buyers. They can't bid on your auctions if you block them there. THey can get mad as h*** but they can't bid until you take off the international restriction (say if you had a very nice person who emailed you about your auction and you DID want to sell to them)
  7. Ask for a Money Order and give the buyer and address in Mars to send it.
  8. I had an interenational bidder do a BIN on my auction, WITHOUT asking how much shipping would be. I invoiced her & found out she was suspended. Relisted my bag, it didn't sell & now I'm blocked for 30 days from selling my bag. I will be blocking international bidders-nothing personal, its just such a hassle with shipping & customs charges. If she'd asked & didn't want to pay or had gotten suspended earlier, I might still be able to sell my bag. I like BIN well enough, but I get frustrated when buyers use it & then back out OR something happens.:cursing:
  9. That is so frustrating!! I'm sorry that happened to you. I would definitely recommend blocking international bidders. It seems to be the only way to prevent buyers outside the US from bidding in your auctions, as selecting US-shipping only doesn't seem to prevent international bidders from bidding/wining a US-only auction.

    What I don't understand it how they even see the auction if it's US-only. I do ship internationally, and I'm constantly being asked to pay a quarter to be listed on *bay UK. I don't do it, and yet I've had buyers from the UK. So what's that about?
  10. CG, i think they just sign in directly at the US site - then they can see everying that's for sale here.
  11. HI CG, l can select uk only or worldwide, and USA auctions come up, although a lot do not ship internationally :smile:
  12. You must indicate in Buyer Requirements section that buyers from countries you don't ship to are blocked. Otherwise, nothing excludes them from bidding.
  13. Dressage queen & alfie - thanks for the info. I guess I can save myself the quarter and keep listing as I've been doing. I've not had a lack of UK buyers, so I don't think I need to give *bay any more of my money (even if it's only 25-cents).

    Coachfreak - I just checked it out & I see what you mean. It's similar to how I block bidders w/o a PayP account. I never even noticed that little checkbox to block buyers in countries I don't ship to. Excellent, info. Thanks!
  14. l wish someone could explain what planet these buyers are. You make a point of putting ship only in your country, no international, and theys till bid.....To be honest when l was buying from the USA l would send polite message would you consider sending to the UK , but to just bid is crazy to me :smile:
  15. :goodpost:thanks did not know how to do that :Push: :smile: