International Bidder?

  1. Hi. I'm currently selling a bag on eBay. I have one bidder so far (with 2 days left). Unfortunately, the bidder is from South Korea (I'm in the United States) and has 0 feedback. This concerns me. This is my second selling venture. What should I do? Do I have a choice? I didn't specify that I don't want to sell outside the United States. And the fact that she is a new eBay member with no feedback makes me nervous. Am I protected if I specify Paypal only? And how do I ship to South Korea? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm from Asia and you could use USPS GLobal Express MAil ( here's EMS ) to ship to Korea but I just got very very bad experience with Korean buyer with 0 feedback. Hold payment until over 1 month, become a NPB ( & suspended by eBay due to too many strike & - feedbacks ) and almost scammed me!!! Said wire out payment by bank wire ( will take 3-5 days ) on Saturday and ask for tracking number on Sunday.

    If you can choose, don't sell to them, they've unconfirmed address and posibble to claim as anauthorized PAyPal acc user after receive her item so you'll lost your item & $$$. IF they're really serious, ask them to do by bank wire.
  3. I would cancel their bid. I am 95% sure they won't pay from my experience. Also I ship within US only as there have been tons of over sea scammers.
  4. How do you cancel a bid? Is there any penalty? Thanks.
  5. No, you'll be able to cancel her bid if you suspicious she can create you trouble, NPB etc.
  6. Go to your item, click bid history, you'll find option to cancel bid
  7. Thank you SO much! Got to love this forum. :yahoo:
  8. You're welcome :smile:
  9. I Would Cancel It Also.....i Only Ship In Canada And The Usa Now....less Headaches......
    Good Luck!