International bank payment question - please help!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I won an Auction for a Ysl Cigarette case. The item is in New York, I live in Australia. The seller's terms for international payment was bank wire transfer only.

    So I won the auction yesterday, the seller sent me their account details pretty much straight away and I went to my bank this morning. My bank said the only thing I could do was a 'telegraphic funds transfer'. Ok, cool. So give them the details from the seller. Then the bank says no they need an address for the sellers account (seller gave me account number, account name, bank name and address and routing number).

    So I emailed the seller again and asked for their address for the account. They gave me a PO box, which I then sent to my bank. The bank calls again and says it's not enough, they need an actual street address, not a PO Box.

    So I've emailed the seller again, apologised for the messing around and asked for their street address. Haven't heard anything, but I only sent the email this morning...

    Is it always this difficult? I am anxious because I really want the item and I don't want to annoy the seller. I've always paid by Paypal in the past and I had no idea it would be this difficult to arrange a funds transfer. Has anyone else done this before? Does it take forever?

    Any words of comfort or advice would be greatly appreciated...:crybaby:
  2. Sorry to hear of the difficulties..

    I'm in Sydney and have done multiple wire transfers to sellers who are o/s

    I've had one that gave me her PO Box address when i requested her home address as the bank required it, and it went through ok.

    I did this online with my netbank as i have international transfers set up on my account though.

    Sometime, if your dealing with the actual bank, they might be a bit more strict when it comes to these things, but you could always argue that that is the registered address for the account holder

    Is the item under US$1500? If so, ask the seller to take bidpay instead??
  3. that's strange, when I do bank wire transfers (which is the same thing as TT), I've never needed to provide the seller's home address. All that's needed is the info which your seller has provided you. Maybe this is an Australian bank requirement?

    yes, maybe you can check with the seller whether Bidpay is acceptable, or Western Union?
  4. Thanks guys. I still haven't heard from the seller, I hope they don't get po'd with me. I really want the item, have the money to pay, but it's just this bank issue!! Grrrr....

    I think I will wait to hear from them and will suggest if they don't want to give me their street address (which I do understand) then maybe we can try paypal or something else. I'm not familiar with Bidpay... :confused1:

    Thanks for responding!
  5. Whenever I have used TT for payments the bank has always requested the street address - I see it as the bank trying to protect themselves against fraud.
  6. Well I spoke to the bank customer service line yesterday and was told if the PO Box is the primary and only address for the account, then it's ok. I'm just so frustrated with the mixed messages, it's annoying!

    The seller told me they received two payments by international transfer this week already and didn't have a problem with the address being a PO Box - what is going on?!!!

    I don't want to get NPB or negative feedback against me because my bank is being two-faced! I asked about bidpay and the seller said they can't do it. I miss Paypal, was always an instant payer with Paypal... :crybaby: