Internal bag Organizer for Speedy 30


Dec 19, 2010
Hi everyone, please could you help

I have decided I will buy a Speedy 30 in DE, my reason for buying and then selling off my speedy's in the past is that I found that no matter which size I purchased, everything in the bag would just get jumbled up and I could never find my keys which would end up under my purse amongst other things and it was just a nightmare finding things. I loved the Speedy 30 the best so now want to repurchase and have been looking at internal bag organisers I could use to make it more practical.

I wanted to ask, has anyone purchased an organiser for the Speedy 30 and which one they recommend. I have looked at the following one:

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Sep 29, 2014
I bought the purse to go organizer for my speedy and I absolutely LOVE It!!!
I chose this soft organizer because it puts less stress on the bag compared to a hard base shaper or organizer that wears out and damages your purse at the corners.

IMO it gives the speedy the perfect amount of structure , and protects your purse from spills stains ect :smile: