Intern Striped canvas

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  1. Does anyone have these, I never used to like them until recently I saw some online with baby pink studs well it looks baby pink. Has anyone got them! Are they comfortable? Any pics would be appreciated
  2. These are the ones I mean ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393133280.703781.jpg
  3. My intern flats are not in this color combo, but I'd say overall, the style is not that comfy...
  4. The mens ones aren't comfortable at all either. They bump and scratch the side of your ankles, they scratch your heels, and the toe area feels tight because of the spikes. They do look really nice though haha! :biggrin: I'd still get them :P
  5. Yes, I purchased these on my trip to LA last month at the CL store in West Hollywood. I've worn them a few times and they've been fine, but they did scratch up my right foot on top of my big toe. I've never had a blister there. But, the last time I wore them that didn't happen as I wore them with better socks. I would say go for it! I also attached a pic of the first time I wore them; not the greatest, but you get the idea. :smile:

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  6. Oh they are so cute hmm might have to try them on!
  7. So this style isn't comfortable? I just tracked down a black nappa Intern flat so that is a bit disappointing...good thing I didn't buy it yet