Intern in my office with a Balenciaga First

  1. I was having a conversation with an intern in my office this afternoon. She's 17 years-old, from LA...really sweet girl, but seemingly fits into the "stereotype" of someone from LA (sorry to offend anyone :shame: ). Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed what looked like a Balenciaga First. After we finished our conversation, I bashfully asked her if that was a Balenciaga bag, to which she said yes. She said her friend loaned it to her! I know we've had many discussions on the PF about whether we would ever loan a nice bag to friends, and I think most people said "No", so I was shocked. The sad thing was, the bag was definitely an older leather Balenciaga (sigh :love: ) but it has seen MUCH better days. It was SO beaten up that I felt bad for it. I started thinking, if her friend is 17 as well, she must have gotten the bag at 15 or so and for some reason, that just astounded me! Lucky girl!
  2. I'm from LA and I don't feel offended at all about the "stereotype" cause they are often true! haha. I was starbucks once and a group of high school girls came in all with Chanel, LV, Juicy, etc. far as I could tell they were authentic bags. yeeks!
  3. I'm also from LA (born and bred, as a matter of fact), and the stereotypes are alive and well and walking the sidewalks of Beverly Hills. And I guess I'm mean, but I wouldn't lend my best friend one of my Balenciagas.
  4. Me either! I have a younger sister who is always trying to steal my stuff when she comes to visit but she knows that my bags are off-limits! :amuse:
  5. LA girl at heart.. and I would NEVER lend my friends my balenciagas. lol.

    Just curious though.. Does anyone want to elaborate on the LA girl stereotypes? I always love hearing this kind of stuff. :biggrin:
  6. Wow this makes me sad. I'm currently searching for an early classique - so to hear about someone that has one, but has mistreated it - bums me out.
  7. You'll find one! I think the "market" is a little overheated on these at the moment, but people are fickle. Then you'll be waiting!
    Good luck.
  8. ^^thanks bbagbubba~ it feels very hopeless right now (and like everyone else wants one too!)
    We should have a "early classique lottery" where we line up to bid on them. Then once one comes up we won't bid each other up and in time everyone on PF that wants one will get one at a fair price!
    ^^(never happen I know - but a girl can dream!)
  9. i would give my best friend a kidney or some bone marrow if she needed it, but certainly not one of my balenciagas :-P
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's so true! Is something wrong with us? Maybe it's because the marrow and kidney is vital, but HANDS OFF my B-bags!
  11. i think i'd trust her more not to screw up a kidney (my best friend, god love her, is kind of accident-prone)
  12. Amanda, you crack me up! You certainly have your priorities straight! :roflmfao:
  13. Beauxgoris: As a fellow early classique hunter I totally hear you! We just need to find TWO! :P
  14. :roflmfao: This is so funny and TRUE! Same here.
  15. hahaha... i've lent out my balenciaga. But see- I'm like a bull in a china shop and on top of that accident prone AND a painter (eeps!) and all my friends are like delicate little considerate flowers who all study anthropology or creative writing (nice, clean, normal fields). I think my bags have a much higher chance of getting screwed up by me, rather than them... so in the interest of completing an outfit I lent one of my friends my olive classique one night (dont have it anymore though...)

    it survived! ;)