- Bags, Shoes 40-70% Off

  1. Lots of Chloe bags...

  2. have never heard this site before, are they real?
  3. definitely real, they have retail stores in New York
  4. Yeah, definitely, stores also in Miami, Las Vegas
  5. sale prices aren't as good at BG/NM and it is all final sale. Some of the Kors boots are cheaper at a nearby Macy's.
  6. I love Intermix and have bought lots of stuff from them. But that sale doesn't even compare to what some other places have had lately.
  7. Yes, the department stores' end of season sales and superior return policies do spoil us!
  8. This store is a great store -- it's true that their prices are not as good as some of the other sales lately. On the other hand, at least if you put something in your cart and check out, it doesn't cancel your order!

    I just went to the Soho store and got the cutest pair of red patent leather Delman mary janes. I love intermix. Every single piece they have is really fun and interesting.
  9. I plan on going to the Price Street store today! They've had awesome prices on DVF dresses (low $100s). I'm just not down with the final sale policy on clearance items. But I'm going to the store to check it out in person.
  10. :confused1: I like a few things..but the prices?
  11. and there is also a location in DC in case you can't find something online.

  12. I do like this store, but I have actually had 2 out of my last 3 of my orders canceled by Intermix, and one time it took 2 weeks to notify me that my item was out of stock. That was after they had already charged my creditcard the full amount of $375 and sent me an email that my item was ready to be shipped. That aside, the customer service is very good (they sent me a coupon code for my troubles), but definatley not smooth sailing purchases. I think the problem is that their store inventory is not seperate from their online stock and people buy items in the store before they have time to update the online inventory when an item is sold out or a size or color is out of stock. So if you have an Intermix store near you it would probably be worth the trouble to make your purchase in store rather than online, to save yourself the dissapointment. :s

    ps. i have also received damaged merchandise from this store from selling the same stock that people in the store are trying on and touching. I know a lot of brick and mortar stores operate with the same inventory online but they should at least check the product for damages before shipping it out...
  13. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I have had great luck with this store and have kept every piece I've gotten there.

    The online store and bricks-and-mortar stores don't have the same stock -- if you go to the actual store, they often don't have what is online, because they turnover pieces so rapidly and are always getting new styles. So once or twice a year Intermix has an amazing warehouse sale which is worth finding. I've gotten shearling coats for $400, belts for $19, a Sonia Rykiel fur purse for $90, cashmere jersey dress for $200, etc. That's the only place where I have definitely seen some damaged goods, plus, you definitely have to go EARLY to get the good stuff.

    Hope you have better luck next time. It's frustrating to get damaged goods in the mail!!