Intermix Warehouse sale Today through 3/2

  1. I just came from there and it was nuts!!!!!!

    Lots of good deals on clothes and shoes.

    Most of the chloe shoes were wiped out in the first hour, but there still might be some more patent mary jane wedges there.

    135 W. 18th Street between 6th and 7th avenue. 9am - 8 pm

    I bought:

    - a pair of chloe mousse heels for $250, retail price $750
    - Kenneth lane pendant for $20, retail price $115
    - Chip and pepper screaming beaver cargo shorts for $59, retail price is $165

    Lots of DSquared, Norma Kamali, KORS shoes, JEANS galore and MORE
  2. congrats on your loot....glad you made it out alive....
  3. Bugger. It is at times like this that I wish I still worked nights. I was tempted to get the Chloe wedges when they were on sale for $199 on the site, but I didn't know if a 41 would be tight.
  4. I was there when the door opened, hoping to find some Chloe platform oxfords. Instead, I managed to find a pair of platform Chloe boots (like the Silverado ones but w/o buckles). They had obviously been worn and returned to the store because they broke. The heel is loose but they were $99 and my size!! Luckily I'm on my way to pick up other shoes from being fixed this evening anyway so i'll have them fix the heel and clean them up a bit. I was so stunned from my find that I couldn't even be bothered to push my way through the clothing section. I just paid and got out of there!
  5. Oh and BTW, chloe shoes were not marked down additionally..... So it was the same price as it was online.

    I managed to find the only sandals i wanted, and some girl came behind me, took the rest of the chloe boxes and kept it for herself. :wtf:

    It was a mess... and all the gals has massive amounts of clothes.. thank gawd i was there mainly for the shoes.
  6. what kenneth lane pendant?
  7. It wasn't too bad when I got there. No cat fights or anything of the sort. Very nice clothing selection. I'm still mentally debating about this wool plaid Ivy tube dress I tried on...I've decided that if I go back on Friday and its still there, I might get it. Plaid never goes out of style, right?
    So I had two pairs of Chloe shoes in my hands: brown leather wedge platforms with an ankle strap (super cute and HOT on) and a pair of black patent leather wedge platforms with a slingback. I was going to buy them both (hey, its the end of the month, time to shop!) until I realized that the patent leather shoes had some sort of weird defect on the top of the bottom sole (crazy description, I know). I was talking about it with this really nice girl on line (I waited 20 minutes to pay) and we figured that they'd probably take some off since the shoes were on sale for $249.00. Well I get to the register and example and show the defect (it was pretty gross but I figured, if I'm wearing the shoe, no one will know except me because it was pretty yuck looking) and she totally didn't care and said "well that's why they are on sale for $249." :wtf: I told her she could leave those damaged puppies right on the counter and I'll take the leather ones for LESS money in MINT condition.

    Overall, I give this sale two thumbs up. I didn't bother with the clothing too much because with sites like toutie, jessicastyle, and luckybreaks, you can get great deals on current clothing and I'm soooo ready for spring!
  8. [​IMG]

    This one :p
  9. ooh pretty. did they have the strawberry or the apple by any chance?
  10. good deal ladies, but where is that intermix warehouse sale?
  11. and i :heart: that pendant!!
  12. I really HATE that excuse, that "they can't take off an additional discount because the damage makes the item at that particular price".

    WHATEVER! If that shoe was still in mint condition, it would still have been $249 . I had the same thing happen at the last Intermix warehouse sale, only it was with a dress. Not a big fan of this sale, actually.
  13. Well, I for one, was not dropping cash (And yes, it's a sale but it isn't THAT much on sale) for some deformed looking shoe! No way! With a further discount, I could have totally hot stepped and made it like it was nothing but knowing that the shoes, after taxes, would cost almost 300 AND she didn't even consider my frank-in-shoe, no way. Let those shoes make their way to the dumpster, where they belong :yes:
  14. It is on 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. 135 West 18th Street to be exact. Its in "The Altman Building." There's some construction going on right next door and huge signs, so you shouldn't miss it. Ends at 8pm tonight too, love.
  15. no apple or strawberry :sad: