INTERMIX warehouse sale 8/26-8/28

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May 12, 2006
Definitely worth a trip. No wallets. They did have some bags. I remember a few MCM bags and clear Michael Kors totes. They one beautiful Chloe clutch, but it was still $800.00. I picked up two adorable DVF shopping totes for $9/each from $70. The shoes were still expensive for what they were and the selection picked over.

Tee shirts\leggings were $9. The clothing was almost overwhelming. Some of it over priced, but other stuff a great deal.
CRAP, i didn't check leggings.. i guess i'm going back! LOLOL


May 1, 2008
My review isn't as positive as the previous ones but I wanted to give my honest opinion so here goes:

It wasn't very organized! Kudos to the people working there but a lot of stuff were mixed up in sizes. Anyway, lots of tees ($29) and leggings in bins. It gave me a headache just looking at them. There were quite a few items that were as-is (damaged) mixed in with the regular stock. Do check your items out before you leave.

Lots of denim and bottoms, though I would recommend Barney's warehouse sale for those (40% off sale price already!). They had a much better selection (J Brand, Theory, Helmut Lang, Rag and Bone, etc).

The shoes and bags were meh. I think the bags mentioned by others earlier sold out by the time I got there. I didn't love the shoes and the prices didn't encourage me to buy them. I found better shoes at the Barney's sale.

The designer stuff (Missoni, Stella McCartney, etc) had good prices. The other non-premier designer things were so-so. Maybe all the good stuff were sold out earlier (I went at 5pm).The prices were okay. Some of the stuff were just plain ugly (clearly why it didn't sell in the first place). I don't think people would be picking them up if those items were being sold at Goodwill without the designer tag but each to her own. I did see a few nice pieces but you can probably get them for a similar price at Saks, 5F, or Barney's when they go on sale at the end of the season.

Compared to the rest of the summer sample sales (yes, I've been to most of them), I'd say Intermix wasn't as great. I had no problem holding on to my debit card. It may be that I've been to way too many sample sales and Woodbury in the last few weeks.

If you're not in a hurry, wait until the last day for any extra discount. There's so much stuff there I doubt they'll sell it all tomorrow.


May 7, 2007
I went yesterday. I didn't buy anything though. They have very limited selection of handbags. I am not sure if they will do restocking. I remember they have less than 20 pieces of jewlery left when I was there around 4:30 pm.


Mar 22, 2007
JUst got back. Got there at 11:45. There was some pretty good jewelry left when I got there (scored 5 things) all priced at $5. When I left, there were just some big rings, headbands, pyramid stud earrings and plastic chunky bangles.

Just a few handbags left. Lots of denim (all $59 or less) and other clothing. All bathing suits $29


Feb 14, 2008
i just got back from it. no herve leger dresses but there were dresses and skirts there by a different label that were similar, might be worth checking out. although some of them were in weird colors and i saw some black and white but no solid colors (cause i would have been all over that haha)

as far as handbags the only thing left is these clear and metallic plastic michael kors totes (soooo not cute) and the jewelry is damaged or picked over :sad:


Nov 30, 2007
Just got back, here's what i got:

Stella Mccartney mesh pumps for $59.00 (had them in pretty much every size)

Privee Skirt (looks like Harve Leger) $19.00

Privee Dress (looks like Harve Leger)$19.00

Didnt see any jewerly or handbags.


Nov 2, 2007
the jewelry, which was like, 5 rings and maybe a necklace, were by the line for the register. they've marked down prices for some things, but there's still a ton of merch on the floor. the sizes are mixed up even worse than before. it seems like mediums and 4/6s are predominant. i went back today (i went on the first day) and it's much calmer and less crowded now, and i was able to find stuff i didn't see the first time around. i bought a see by chloe dress for $99, orig. $445. can't quite figure out how to wear it (it has some extra straps everywhere that i can't figure out how or where they are supposed to end up), but i couldn't resist! no line to pay either.

also, no handbags.
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