intermix sale

  1. i know there have been lots of chloe sales this month but in case you missed a particular style or color...chloes are now 30-40 % off at intermix stores. you can go to for store locations and info.
  2. thanks for posting, my favorite PF enabler! :yes:

    Did you see any paddies?
  3. i didn't, i was in a hurry and trying to pretend to be nonchalant in front of the husband but i think it was mostly bettys and ediths (although in a variety of colors and styles).

    but i was at the upper west side location so other stores might have different merchandise...?
  4. I haven't seen the paddies there! I went to the temporary 5th ave location.

    I'm going to the one on prince tonight. I seen a lot of cute shoes though.
  5. when you're there if you have time you can also check out kirna zabete, they were having a 40 % off sale as well (although they might not have as much selection at this point)
  6. thanks for the info, were the chloe boots on sale too?
  7. i'm sorry i don't know...
  8. i don't know if there were any boots to be on sale, but there are winter boots on sale