Intermix Return Experiences?

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  1. has anyone ever returned something they purchased online from intermix? how long did it take for them to process and credit the amount back to your credit card? i bought something online and returned it in-store about a week and a half ago. at the time, the sa told me it would take about 3-5 days to process. it seems they shipped my returns back to the new york store. after over a week without seeing a credit on my statement, i called the number on the site and left 2 voicemails that still have yet to be returned and the store i returned the items to. the sa i spoke to was pretty nice and said she'd send an email and call me the next day with an update; she called but told me she hadn't heard back from that but did some research and apparently it takes 3-4 weeks for the credit to show up. 3-4 weeks?! i don't understand why it would take so incredibly long! the store overnighted my items to ny the day i returned it so i'm sure they already have it. it's over $4000 that should be credited so i'd feel better to have it be processed quickly.
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  3. I had a bad experience with a return. I sent a bracelet back without delivery confirmation and they claimed they never got it. Lost $70. Since then, I mail all returns with delivery/signature confirmation.

    Since you returned it in store I wouldn't worry to much about it. Maybe your inbetween billing cycles so it may not show up yet.
  4. Hi,

    The store and online store are two separate entities. That is why the store manager sent it back to NYC (the online store is based in NYC). The store must meet their own quotas, so must the online store.

    Best to call in the late morning, NYC time on T,W or TH. Talk to a person, don't leave a message. I don't think they have time to check the message machine due to volume.

    Since the stores are separate from the online store you will need to call them in person and ensure they follow through with the refund. Once you talk to someone they are pretty good about it!

    Find out from the store manager what the tracking number is for the package and go from there.
  5. i've found that they respond better to email than phone. make sure to include all the info in your e-mail, like order number, item description, etc.
  6. thank you all for you help! i left another message (because i just can't seem to get a live person on the phone) and sent them an email on monday/tuesday and got a call back the next day. i think email really does work better. she said she'd process it that day and i'd see the credit in a few days (today, woo hoo!).