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  1. xxxxxxxx

    Go there to get coupon!!!
  2. Thank you for posting that!! Hopefully they have some great sale items!
  3. np. went by flatiron and they had a great selection. in particular, they had some cute chloe stuff (i'm a big fan).
  4. anyone hit up any of the other stores? any good finds? worth visiting?
  5. does anyone have a coupon they could email me? i can PM you my email address!
  6. oooo, i love their selection, the best of the best...but i couldnt find the coupon on the website that your blog? its soo cute
  7. roaryangel<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_5383158", true); </SCRIPT> , I can't seem to find the coupon on your website. Can you just attach it here?
  8. it's a coupon code : BLUES for 20% off
  9. I thought BLUES was for not intermix? Am I mistaken?
  10. the post is the second item on page 2. unfortch, can't post the pic b/c intermix wisely configured it as 12 different jpegs (so the coupon is all broken up).

  11. It looks like the coupon only applies to items on sale:
    xxxxx for 20% off all Intermix Sale Items, In Store. For various reasons, coupon cannot be shown in full form here.

    I wonder what the "various reasons" mentioned are!
  12. i did email the vie society and got an email back - unfortunately, all the jpgs showed as broken links! boo. i guess this means that i am just not meant to go shopping at intermix today.
  13. what is the code for 20% off?
  14. ^this thread is very old.