intermix codes?

  1. :love: are there any?
  2. i checked after i saw this post and it said their is a code "fall" for 20%.

    I tried it and it didn't work!

    Has anyone tried this code and had it yet??? Iv'e been looking for a code for weeks :cursing:
  3. Intermix code for $50 off until 2/19/07 - code - ILOVEYOU
  4. I think the ILOVEYOU $50 code is just for jewelry, but I'm not sure. Otherwise you get 10% off with WELCOME0131, expires 1/31.
  5. are there any new codes that anyone knows about?

  6. Intermix code 4 days only starting Feb 15.

    15% off all sale items. Use code friendsandfamily

    There are still some great Chloe items for sale.
  7. I just missed the last code, is there another one?

    Thank you.
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