Intermix Chloe Sale

  1. If anyone is still looking, Intermix stores still have Chloe sale bags available. I know the FL and Dallas stores had a variety of tracy, betty and silverado bags. Don't know specific styles or how much they are reduced.
  2. Just called Dallas store and they only have one Betty Hobo left. No more in Miami. Bal Harbour has the Betty in beige & black as well as some kind of chain (?) bag in beige & black. I'm on hold to see if they have any Silverados left...
  3. Okay, Bal Harbour has one medium tan Silverado for $899.
  4. Intermix is the best. I am so impressed with their CS dept. I ordered a Seven for Mankind skirt that was too large. Even though it was final sale no returns they allowed me to mail back the item to the Miami store and exchange the piece for an available smaller size. Impressive. The other skirt came by UPS today.

    They didn't have to do that.:heart: