Intermix Bal Harbor has Chloe's on sale

Apr 24, 2006
I just got a call from Ingrid at the Bal Harbor Intermix and almost all their Chloe's are on sale- Edith, Betty, even some Paddingtons. If you're interested you may want to give her a call. (305) 993-1232


Nov 8, 2006
^I'm sorry to hear that. The Atlanta and Boca Raton stores have been extremely helpful to me in tracking things down when I was looking for stuff.

I've bought online too with no trouble.

D & G rockstar

I'm a BAL-ler now
May 12, 2006
I love intermix merchandise but I don't care for their SAs.... usually when I shop there and pay, I tell them to ring it up on the house so none of them get commission.... why should they if they don't help me?

Loubou Lady

La Reina
May 5, 2008
New York, NY
Hi D&G, just tried to PM you but your inbox was full...
Perhaps some of the other ladies in NYC can relate....
Just saw your post when I did a search for Intermix. I stopped in the NYC downtown (probably on Bleeker) last Sun and the SA in there was saying hi to some women dressed more flashy than I. I was snubbed. I moved closer to the area she was standing and was looking at a large Chloe bag and she still ignored me. My boyfriend was outside for a bit while I looked and came in later. I told him, let's go after less than 2 min.
You would think I was dressed like a bum...had on nice dark jeans, suede flats, fitted brown leather jacket & vintage gucci bag...
I think you're 100% right to not let them make commission for being rude!