Interlocking love vs love necklace... chain?

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  1. Does anyone have these two necklaces? Is there a difference in the chain thickness or style?
    It seems like the love necklace (from what I can tell from pictures) has a thicker chain, but it could be my eyes...
    If anyone has a pic of the two together, that would be super helpful!!
    6B5F8334-B50B-46A8-89C3-68B41E27CC8E.jpeg 5505F24E-DCF2-4B0A-A199-832DBFBECB7F.jpeg
  2. I have both necklaces locked in a safe right now but the round love has a thicker chain and is much heavier than the love rings necklace. Both necklaces are really pretty!
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. The chain style is different.

    I looked at both the interlocking love with and without diamonds and they have different chain styles. I preferred the chain style of the interlocking necklace you posted.
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  5. So the interlocking with and without diamonds are different too?

    I think I’m leaning towards the round love, I like the idea of a thicker chain...
    (Not that I’ll be able to go get one any time soon... but planning for when things go back to normal)
  6. Yes, when I tried them on the SA said the chain for the diamond interlocking love reflected light to enhance the diamonds. I didn’t like the look of the chain and my impression was it was stiffer.
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  7. interesting, thanks!