Interior zipper of black 05 Paddington

  1. Okay, so I am hearing that it is possible that 05 Paddington's had plastic interior zippers? Does anyone know if the 05's were also without the leather piece that went around the interior zipper, basically the interior zipper was just a zipper, no leather banding around it? Sorry to be such a pain, I am deciding whether or not I should shoot myself for returning an authentic bag!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:

    Also, one more thing, the X stitching at the top of the bag where the lock is, the stitching did go around the rivets but one on the left side was a little off? Like the stitching went through the rivet, not around the outside? Is that possible?

    Thanks so much for any help, it is soooooooo sooooooo appreciated :yes:
  2. shanni, There is a thread on 2005 vs 2006 Paddington zippers. Check the Chloe Reference Library, and it's in the "Paddington Authentication Tips" thread. I have read that most 2005 paddys had plastic interior zippers.
  3. Yes, the 05 paddy satchels had plastic zippers inside. The satchels never had the leather banding around it (my Silverado does tho).

    If you can post pics in the Auth This thread we can help determine if your bag is authentic or not.

    Also check the All About Paddy thread for the traits of a real Chloe.