Interior suede color on camel veneta???

  1. I have seen a few listed on eBay with a dark brown this correct? Are the interior colors different on the different color bags??? TIA!!! (4 days 'til BV day:yahoo:!!!)
  2. I'm not sure about the camel veneta, but my noce veneta has a dark brown suede lining.
  3. hi olympia, i have a camel campana. it's got a light brown suede interior.
    will try taking some pics for you.
  4. I just got my camel venata this month the interior is also light brown suede same as mrsDIY88.
  5. my ebano veneta has a cream coloured suede lining.
  6. Yes. And for different sizes/seasons, there could be different colour lining for the same classic colours. I have seen a blue lining in either a large Ebano or Noce (can't remember which).
  7. Depends on colour/season of the bag. I have Bvs with light beige, light blue, red, turquoise, chocolate brown, tan interiors. Lost track now. My fave is the turquoise. It is gorgeous!
  8. ^ Yes, it's turquoise not blue (my bad) and its gorgeous indeed!