Interior Paddy Zippers

  1. So there is some advice going around the authentification board that paddys with interior plastic zippers are fake. This is information is incorrect. In efforts to streamline our paddy authentification tips I would like to know how many of you have plastic vs. metal interior zips. Please state the year of your bag as well.

    Mine is a 2005 chocolate paddy, from Saks, with plastic interior zippers.

    ***Also, maybe we can clarify some other debunkers. Add the ones you know! :yes:***

    1) Not all paddy zippers have the YKK engravement
    2) Not all serial numbers are uniform
    3) Some 2005 interior canvas lining is a different color than 2006. For example, the chocolate 2005 has beige interior canvas lining while 2006's have brown.

  2. I have an 06 Whiskey Paddy and the interior zipper has metal teeth. My friend however has the 05 tan (I believe hers was the 2nd generation tan from that year) and hers has plastic teeth. Hers came from NAP so it's def authentic. I believe the plastic zipper teeth are consistent with 05 models. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong:smile:

    Another discrepancy is that with the 1st generation Paddys, their zips don't undo at the ends.
  3. You mean the zipper on the inside pocket? I have my 06 chocolate bowler (box) at work today and the interior zip pocket has metal teeth.

    I'll check the others when I get home tonight.
  4. Hi Roey, we are referring to the interior zip pocket.
  5. I have an '05 chocolate paddy from LVR and the interior zip is plastic.
  6. 2 06 bags with metal teeth. I have seen fake 06 bags with plastic teeth though.
  7. I have a Fall 05 black paddy with metal teeth. Interior lining is black and no YKK on the zip. I got the bag from Nordstrom. I will re-check this again though as I'm writing the description from my memory. My tote is from 'o6 with metal teeth, light canvas interior and also no YKK on the zip. This one I got from Intermix.
  8. All SS 06 bags I've handled have metal teeth. Two AW 05 bags - one I recall had metal teeth, don't remember the other. Never handled a first generation paddy.

    I would be wary of 06 bag/color with plastic zipper teeth unless we hear otherwise - I've seen it on bags that were identifiable as fakes for other reasons.
  9. Both mine have metal teeth. Have to check the YKK on the zip. Need more coffee to climb up to the shelf in my closet to check. I'll get back to ya....
  10. Pnay, if you could check your fall 05 paddy I'd be interested in knowing for sure. My fall 05 paddy has plastic teeth and its from Saks.
  11. Hmmmm...I know there are more paddy owners out there outside of the 5 of us? :rolleyes:
  12. Fall 05 Tan - plastic from BG
    Spring 06 Whiskey - metal from NM
    Spring 06 Noir - metal from NM

    These details are things I never notice since I always buy retail. I didn't even realize my Chanel had a plastic zipper (the entire top nevermind inside zip!) until blugenie pointed it out! I still haven't even looked at any of the cards that came with the bag, discovered what a hologram is, and where it resides. I had no idea what the date code was on my LV Speedy 30 or where to locate it on the bag. I figure if I bought it retail then it's real and focus instead on the leather, structure, etc.
  13. Grenat Fall 05 (not sure where it's from originally though I'm sure I can find out) interior zip is plastic
    Bleu Nuit which I believe is AW O5 purchased from Chloe Sloane Street also plastic
  14. I beleive grenat was introduced in fall 05.
  15. Mine is an 06 choco with metal teeth, YKK zippers and a dark choco lining i twill fabric. I got this at LVR.