Interior of MC cles..

  1. Is it made from red alcantara like the speedy? or is it leather?

  2. Its a tan vachetta color.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Here's a picture for ya!
  5. Thanks! Would you say that the cles is worth the $$$? I am thinking about getting one, and would use it to hang my keys on. Not sure what I would put in it, but it's so cute! I already have the MC wapity, which I use to carry essentials when I go to the gym, or don't want to carry a purse. Sometimes, I hang my keys off of the wapity. Is it practical to have a wapity and a cles??
  6. I love mine so I'm biased again lol.
    It's definitely worth the money! It's a great change holder, even, if you're not going to put keys on it. The only thing is that you can't fit any credit cards in it very comfortably. But it's a great change holder or other small essentials and IMO would look great in the Wapity :smile:
  7. I have two...Mono and Mini Mono.
    I love them and think they are well worth the money.
    They are very practical and it's an item you'll find many uses for.
  8. i used my cerises cles the other night for a bachelorette party. I put my cash, I.D. and credit card inside, hooked it into the belt loop of my jeans above the pocket and slid the cles inside the pocket. fabulous hands free evening, and i didnt have to worry about losing it. So in short I LOVE MINE and think you should go for it
  9. I was hesitant to buy my mc cles last year when it was like $250 b/c it was a little pricey compared to the others but I have to say I just love it to death, it looks great with many of my other bags too, especially my b bags and MJ's, It has held up much better than I ever expected it would too!
  10. Oh, and I have six cles, going on seven, they're fab!! very important part of my daily life, don't know what I would do without them!!!
  11. This refers to the MC cles she was originally asking about, by the way.:yes: