Interior of m/l classic flaps in black caviar

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  1. I've been searching for a black caviar m/l classic flap with GHW and want red interior. However I only seem to find bags with black. Does this purse come with red interior?

    Is red specific to a certain make? Model? Year?

    Please enlighten me :smile:
  2. The newer black caviar flaps have the burgundy interior. It started around the time the jumbos were made with double flaps.....November 2010.....the 14 series flaps.
  3. :yes:
  4. Thanks for the help! Does this mean that all new black flaps have burgundy interiors? Or do the black ones still show up as well?
  5. Brand New in store are all burgundy. That doesn't mean that a reseller or someone selling one might not have an unused older one for sale...
  6. What years did Chanel have the black interior for the black caviar classic flaps (medium)
  7. Newer medium flaps can come with maroon lining or black , i have seen both with serial 14 and 15.
  8. i saw some classic black caviar bags with burgundy interior, however there is some slightly difference between them. i saw some with the pop up CC logo (like a bit pop out from the flab) and some with flat CC logo on the flab like just the stitches are stichted as CC logo, what does that mean and why are they different?
    thank you very much
  9. The flat cc are usually in the jumbos