Interior of epi speedy

  1. Anybody know what color the interior of the black epi speedy is? Now that the price has come down a little, I'm thinking of getting one. LV website just says tone on tone interior. What in the world does that mean?
  2. Black interior, I am pretty sure (tone on tone, black on black)
  3. Thanks, twinkle.tink! So I assume red epi has red interior and so on?
  4. ^ yes
  5. The interior is greyish
  6. The interior of my new black epi is black.
  7. it's off black from what I saw at the store
  8. Yep, mine is black. It makes it kind of hard to find stuff. I created a bottom for it just so that things would be more visible against a lighter background...

  9. I agree. It is more dark gray/charcoal than black.
  10. Is it the same linen type liner that the mono speedy has just in a different color?
  11. It is sort of a heavy canvas (maybe linen blend) type material. The color is very similar to the bag, but not exactly the same (usually a tad lighter,) thus the "tone on tone" phrase. There is a blue epi speedy up on Let-Trade this morning, they have some photos of the interior, it will give you an idea.
  12. Yup I just got an Epi Black Speedy 30 yesterday and the interior is black.

    Also interesting to note is that the pockets are set up differently inside than the mono speedy, etc.

    I loooove mine!!! I can't wait to take her out for the first time today! :smile: