Interior Lining of Fendi spy

  1. Hi Guys,
    Please look closely at your Fendi spy bags..does your's look like there's horizontal lines going across like this one??
  2. Yes they do. :yes:
  3. really? wow..i thought that loooked fake...
  4. I just got my first Spy (black) this week and it does have a horizontal weave to the fabric, although not as obvious as in this photo (it may be the light?)
  5. YES mine has them. Pwecious, you may just have hit on another avenue to authenticate them!
  6. yes i know...i'm pretty sure mine's real, but i was wondering if anyone have this on their spies..weird huh?
  7. The lining does have a horizonatal line weave to it on authentic bags, but on quite a few of the fake ones too. e.g. 280073728588. Just be sure the lining lines up correctly. Tops and bottoms of the Fs should meet up with the leather or close to it around the diameter of the top.