Interior lining color of the Cambon

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  1. Does anyone know what color the lining of the Cambon is? (white on black tote)

    I so do not want a bright pink interior. I looked on ebay and thats what I saw, but who knows if they're authentic or not.
  2. mine is bright hot pink. i think it's cute actually.
  3. This is the one I'm thinking about. This pics from ebay, I'm not buying this one, I'd be getting mine from the boutique, but its the only decent pic I could find of the bag online. Does this one come in pink lining only?
  4. i think, but not sure that the entire cambon line has hot pink lining... i could be wrong though...
  5. Hmm... I have the black with white logo multi pocket reporter and my lining is hot pink too. I think fayden may be correct, although I'm not sure either. But, the pink really is actually quite nice :smile:
  6. Yes. It is hot pink lining. If you want the orange lining you have to get the black patent on black, i believe.

    The pink lining is the reason why i love these bags! haha
  7. I've seen both hot pink and orange linings. I think it depends on the color combination :biggrin:
  8. I have the beige with black c's and it has a black interior
  9. black with black patent has hot pink lining,
    beige with black has black lining,
    brown on brown has orange lining,
    black with white CCs has hot pink lining,
    pink with black has black lining,
    not sure on the beige on beige.
  10. Beige on beige also has the orange lining.
  11. mine is beige with black CC and has black lining

  12. actually, black patent on black also has hot pink lining.
  13. I love that it has hot pink lining.
  14. wow, good to know!! :amuse:
  15. yes, i have that exact bag, and the lining is strikingly bright hot pink.