Interior Design/Home Decor addicts?

  1. Hi everyone! Along with handbags, home decor/interior design is another one of my interests which I spend LOTS of time reading and shopping for. I usually have subscriptions to several periodicals such as Veranda, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Coastal Living, and Florida Design. I was wondering if there were many of you out there who also share this interest with me. I love to see pictures of other people's decor, how they arrange a collection, or particular accent pieces. If you have a favorite or unusual accent item please share!!!

    I will start by sharing my latest kick which is seashells. I love to use them in decorating, especially since I live close to the beach in Florida.
    I'm stuck at home with a sinus infection right now, so I have plenty of time on my hands! LOL! So, I took some pictures of my pretty shells. :smile:
    edited.JPG edited1.JPG edited2.JPG edited5.JPG edited6.JPG edited7.JPG
  2. I love decorating also! I don't have any pics of my home on my Photobucket (just bags!), but I need to rectify that. My basic style is French Country. I get a ton of decorating magazines, too, and I've got a lot of decorating "coffee table" books. If you've never been there, here's a great decorating forum I visit:

    Home Decoration Forum

    I must admit, I'm not on there nearly as much as I used to be, before finding tPF!
  3. Tammy ~~ Thanks for that link! I will definitely be checking it out. French country is one of my favorites. I think I have an Architectural Digest from about 6 years ago that I kept because of the gorgeous French Country styled home featured on the cover!

    My style is a mixture...French Country, English Country, seashore, ...I don't know if I can properly classify it! LOL!
  4. I :heart: interior design/home decor (more so than handbags :shame: .)
    Some of the mags I subscribe to and save:
    World of Interiors
    Southern Accents
    Architectural Digest
    Traditional Home
    The English Home
    European Homes & Gardens
    House (Long Island mag for interior/architecture/landscape design)

    and I buy lots of other mags at the book store. (I was just going through some trying to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to toss.)

    I can't say I have one favorite style, but my hubby and I tend to decorate along the traditional lines.
  5. thanks for the link Tammy, i will have to have DH check it out as he is the one who does the decorating around the house. he actually picked out most of the furniture, if it were up to me, we would still have bare walls and empty floor space:shame:
  6. I love shells too. I love the Shabby Chic style, I have bought some stuff from her boutique and have some of her books!:heart:
  7. Great shells.

    I suppose I am the anti-decorator. My style is modern with very little decorating - mainly furniture, table and rug! These are the lights in my living room (although they're the next size up) and I'm ordering this chair next week.

    Not everyone's style, I know, but me likey!
    Eams.jpg randomlampi.jpg
  8. I really like all the Shelter magazines too. There was a period when I was really into everything related to decor, but as I got older I just calmed down about it. And it seems I keep going toward less color, less "stuff" as I age.
  9. Otingocni ~~ That is a really unique site. I remember one time seeing some beautiful lighting like that in the French Quarter in New Orleans, but it was crazy expensive.

    Do you all have any great online sites for Home Decor?

    I have ordered from Ballard Designs and Horchow for rugs and little accessories. I would love to outfit my entire house with everything from Neirmann Weeks--I love the furniture and lighting they create! It is to the trade only, but you can view the catalog from their website
  10. for reasonably priced silk drapes for linens
    SourcePerrier catalog
    Mackenzie-Childs for unique tabletop items and other decorative pieces
    Schweitzer Linen
    Beaux-Artes for decorative mouldings for walls/ceilings, decorative grilles, etc.
    ImperialDesign for mouldings/medallions/ceiling tiles...architectural details

    I think I have every catalog to mankind bookmarked if you're interested. :biggrin:

    As for furniture, sconces and area rugs, we've had some luck finding pieces on Ebay. :yes:
  11. Hi, PP

    I love seashells, too.

    I found a huge oval-shaped wooden bowl. I put ALL my 300+ shells in it. They are in carefully-placed disarray. I placed the bowl under a genuine oil painting of a stormy seascape that a former beau did for me. The arrangement looks gorgeous.

    It is so much more powerful to put all the items of a collection in one place rather than dabble them around the room.

    Like Tammy, I have a beloved pug dog. When I travel, I try to buy a small pug figurine from each major city I visit. I have a collection of more than 50 figurines from Paris, Budapest, Florence, Amsterdam, Venice, London, Vienna, Prague, and other cities. Some figurines are gifts from friends. I arranged all the pugs together on a shelf. The grouping is lit from a lamp I made using a figurine of a basket of pug puppies I purchased in Amsterdam. The collection is adorable and always makes people laugh.

    If you enjoy stenciling, my favorite designs come from Melanie Royals of Royal Designs.

    Fun thread! Thanks!
  12. TheImportersWife ~~ Oh, yes I love Source Perrier--that's another good one. Pricey, though. I hadn't heard of any of your other sites~~thanks for the links!

    ProfNot ~~ Your seashell collection sounds gorgeous. I would love to see it and the painting. I have a favorite painting--it's a beach scene with people frolicking--kind of impressionistic.
    I definitely will be adding to my shell collection as I find unique shells that I like. You're right about groupings. I guess I just like my really big ones by themselves.
  13. I love to decorate. I change each room a little every summer when I do my indepth house cleaning. My favorite magazine is Romantic Homes. Here are two of my rooms.
    dining.jpg living.JPG
  14. KTScrlet ~~ I love your house! I especially like the lace tablecloth in your dining room. Thanks for sharing your pictures. :yes: