Interior color of Graphite Patent Sabrina...


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I know a couple of the members have her, maybe check the more recent pages of the Madison reference thread since they'd have to have been posted kinda recently!!!

Has yours shipped yet? I'm sure you're gonna love her. It seems like maybe the interior was a light lavander color, I know that's what the interior of my light grey Julianne is, but I could be wrong. (Although that only happens once every couple years!) LMAO


Pretty in Pink
May 2, 2007
West Of Boston
Thanks all... I was curious...

I think, instead of being matchy matchy this time (like I usually am) I am going to go with Black, Rose Pink, and White accessories.. I have a gorgeous Rose Pink Leather Ergo Pleated Wristlet, another Ergo Pleated Wristlet in White Leather, and coming to me (via a Trade on Bonanzle) is a Black Legacy Capacity wristlet... I think those will look really good in the Graphite Sabrina... LOL....with the pale Lavender interior...