"Interfacial" marriages

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  1. Funny... I want to see a pic, though!
  2. Where's my gorgeous man?!! :shrugs:

    It was a fun article to read! Now I need to go searching
  3. That was entertaining! My DH is a personal trainer with a hot bod. Since having 2 babies, I no longer have that hot bod I once had. I'm working on it though! But I'm sure there are folks out there that think 'WTF is he doing with her?' But it's all good tho'. Doesn't even bother me since he's all MINE! Haaaa!
  4. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston??? LOL
  5. That's funny and true. I see some couples and I am like "How'd he get her???" I like how they reference the Trumps! I remember when I first saw Tom Selleck and his wife, I thought "How did she get him?" Maybe I am a Face-ist!
  6. interesting...
  7. Have to admit, seems more interesting when the guy is hotter. When you see an unattractive guy with a hot girl, probably a lot of people would think rich guy with his trophy. If the man is hotter, well, I guess men can be trophies too! :p
  8. I remember seeing a segment about that on Today. It was...interesting.
  9. Interesting article. And I actually searched up to see who Deborra-Lee Furness ...
    I never really though about the attractive and non-attractive couples. I heard that most people are attracted to people who look like themselves...like the symmetrics of their face. I guess it's more than that!
  10. Deborra-Lee Furness is really beautiful, though. I don't think that was perhaps the best example... maybe Samuel L Jackson and his wife is a better one? Though she's beautiful too, just not like Sammy L is!

    I dunno. When I see a couple who are at different levels of conventional attractiveness and look really happy to be with each other I usually just think "they look happy together", not "how could [he/she] get [him/her]". No one really knows what goes on in others' relationships, and everyone looks for different things in a partner, so it's not up to me to judge!
  11. I have a close friend and an old work aquaintance that fit this!

    Years ago, when I met them both, I noticed their husbands first (my friend's at a social function and the other at work) and thought, wowza...handsome guys. Then, someone introduced their wives to me and I swear....I had to pick my jaw up off the ground!! It was incredulous!

    The work aquaintance...don't know her well enough to comment...but my dear friend...we became close over the years since meeting and she's got the best personality, smart, VERY funny...now I totally see that he got the best end of the deal, for sure!! We all know....those looks are just the wrapping...but when we see it, it's hard not to judge initially...

    EDIT....forgot to mention...my friend also says she rocks his socks off in the bedroom, shower, kitchen, backyard, golf course...:roflmfao:
  12. I've always wondered about this phenomenon, especially when it comes to homely looking, out of shape women and cut men. My BF saw a lot of this when he was still in the military. He says that so many women marry military men and then let themselves go after they have kids. He says that many women probably looked very attractive in the beginning, but later after they got married they just didn't care anymore. He told me this when we vacationed at Shades of Green and just about every woman there was obese. He said that too many military spouses "have nothing to do but sit around and eat all day" so that's how they get out of shape and neglectful. Or at least, that's what he said he saw when he was stationed at various posts around the country. Naturally, the husband, who is still active in the military, is in better shape so it looks incongrous when they're seen together. An "interweightal" marriage, perhaps?

    I don't know how true it is, but I guess it's one way of looking at things...although I think that was just a sly way for him to complain about how his own ex-wife changed on him while expressing to me how upset he'd be if I had kids and then just...well...ballooned.
  13. Very interesting!! Not a situation you want to be in!
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