Interesting ...

  1. This is a bit weird but one of the Hermes fragrance that just absolutely does not work with me is Eau des Marveilles. However, I just noticed that if I spray the fragrance on my wrists, wait a few minutes, then go to the restroom to wash my hands with one of those generic soap you see at your company restrooms and then wipe your hand dry, the combination of the company soap with Eau des Marveilles actually made the fragrance smell REALLY good on me.

    I think I might've just found a solution to make all fragrance work on me. Kind of a random post, I know.
  2. LOL ur so funny i love all ur posts, but i need to try this...:yes:
  3. :smile: You always have interesting posts Kou. I'm glad you found a way the fragrence works on you :smile:
  4. I don't know the soap thing, but that fragrance (no matter how much I love the bottle) doesn't work for me either... I have a full bottle in my bathroom..:crybaby:
  5. You bought the whole bottle? In cases like this i'm very thankful for samples ... One time I was wearing Eau des Marveilles around my pup and the way it smelled on me scared my dog away :crybaby:
  6. Does it not work on you either?
  7. Thanks LadyStara. My favorite H fragrance is still Rose Ikebana though:love:
  8. :smile: I need to make my way to a perfume counter as there isn't a Hermes store here.. :smile: you found something relatively cheap that you can buy from them now !!
  9. LOVE the unisex ones - i got addicted to Eau d'orange Verte when i was pregnant because anything really perfumey made me feel sick. now really like Le Jardin Sur le Nil as is fresh and zesty. have tried Rouge but it doesn't work one me, too soapy.
  10. Nah, I have too much perfume already. If I over spray myself with perfume everyday, what I have right now will still last me about 10 years:sweatdrop:
  11. wow... that is indeed interesting....
  12. oh hm.. :smile: i'm opposite of you, i think i have one bottle of perfume
  13. i tried the sample and it doesnt really work, ehh, lol i have like 3/4 of it left
  14. Good to know that I'm not the only one ... I love the bottle though.
  15. This is my favorite perfume!! Oh my, now I'm afraid I am offending everyone around me when I wear it!