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  1. The 2 birkins I bought from the same boutique, 1 was in Mar. and 1 was in May. They have the exactly same stamps. Have any of you met this?
  2. are all of the stamps identical? does that that just mean that the bags were made in the same year by the same craftsman
  3. looks lke that.
  4. thats cool though its you can look out for his/her stamp in the future. maybe one day you can meet up with this mysterious craftsman lol :ninja:
  5. Yes, it is a good point, I 'll try. Thanks,
  6. I have not had two bags with the same blindstamps, but a friend has one with the same year and craftsmans's id as mine.
  7. WOW! That's so cool!
  8. Dear Ms. G:

    That is SUPER LUCKY!!!

    I always wonder if any of my bags is the same craftsman but so far NONE....