Interesting web page story about bbags

  1. Thanks for sharing it! Lol! That pic is Mary Kate and not Ashley Olsen.
  2. So it's been two years since that post...I wonder if anyone has asked her if it's still hot?
  3. Good read..T4P!
  4. thanks for sharing!!
  5. Thanks, Shasta, for the article.
  6. great article. thanks for sharing.....
  7. I see they have a pic of Nicole w/her fake yellow first... so whatever became of that magazine that was going to do an article on stars carrying fakes? Someone here on tPF had corresponded with a writer ... ?? can't remember who it was now.
  8. great article Shasta - thanks for sharing! :smile:
  9. thanks for the article! this is a great article for newbies. we should bookmark it for the next one who comes through asking for a background on bbags :smile:
  10. I have been wanting to get the scoop on this for a while!! I am pretty new so I never read anything about the starts carrying fakes! What is up with that? And how do you think something like this happens? Do they like to and find people selling bags out of cars or something LOL? Anyone care to share??

  11. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I think the prevailing theory is that their stylists are the culprits when a star ends up carrying a fake ... one person posted that she knew an L.A. stylist who purchased Bbags from a "wholesaler" in Italy ... the stylist herself might've been clueless that she was buying fakes.
  13. Yes, it was moi :p

    They asked me for links and info, which I provided... and they said they would let me know if anything gets published...

    Still havent heard back :confused1:
  14. Loved it, thanks for posting it. 2 years later and they are still selling and still *in*. :yes: